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Thieving Labour MP fuckwad Tony McNulty.

There is a report here that thieving scumbag and part time MP Tony-McNulty is facing suspension for lying his arse off over his expenses claims.

A former worthless sack of shit Labour Minister who used £60,000 of taxpayers’ money to pay for his parents’ home faces public disgrace after an official inquiry found him guilty of abusing his Commons expenses.

A report into Labour MP Tony McNulty’s conduct by Parliament’s sleaze watchdog, due to be published this week, criticises him for claiming £14,000 a year for a ‘second home’ which was in fact his parents’ main home.

Insiders say he is likely to be forced to make a grovelling apology to the Commons. Some say his offence is so grave he may be suspended from Parliament and could even be ordered to pay back some or all of the cash.

If any organisation was as corrupt and full of thieving, lying fucking scum as the House of Commons they would have found themselves subject to SOCA legislation and having their assets seized.

I have mentioned this worthless lying sack of shit a few times before. Time for Tony and many other MP's to serve time in jail, hopefully after having had all their assets seized as proceeds of crime.

5 people have spoken:

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Even though I am from Texas, that was damn well said..

Fidothedog said...

Were it down to me, I would have them all marched to a scaffold at Tyburn to face the gallows.

Then have them beheaded and stick their heads on spikes at the Tower of London.

Much like what we used to do in olden days. :-)

banned said...

"...make a grovelling apology to the Commons. ... may be suspended from Parliament and could even be ordered to pay back some or all of the cash."

Not nearly good enough, check with those hauled before the court for messing up their Social or getting a bit behind with the Taxman.

Criminal Fraud ( aggravated by being in a position of trust and authority ) = GAOL.

Houdini said...

and could even be ordered to pay back some or all of the cash back.

Or even? The fucker should be made to pay every penny back.

They have closed ranks here and have decided nobody pays back unless absolutely necessary.

It may be time for a campaign and petition to force them to pay back stolen and fiddled money, SPECIFICALLY.

Anonymous said...

Greasy little pikey. I hope his parents die very slowly and painfully. Then I hope that his children see just what a cunt people thought he was all though years ago once he's spent fifty years with a colostomy bag and no larynx.

McNulty, slimy, Labour spiv, taking food from other peoples' tables to line his pockets and support his worthless parents. I do feel sorry for them though, I'd rather have a child with Down's Syndrome than Tony McNulty.

Never had a proper job, just a leech - a parasite, a carbuncle on civilization.