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Sir Patrick Stewart - Fuck off and make it so (post 2)

So his spreading of the celeb but cheeks for New Labour has been rewarded with a knight hood in the honours list. So getting an knighthood has come down how much semen one is prepared to swallow from the New Labour lot.

So time for a repost:
Ah Patrick, you lovie champagne socialist, you think its all jolly good fun to support New Labour do you. Well yes like many in the media, you can avoid the poverty they have imposed on the majority, the huge taxes, the restrictions on our freedoms and well all that annoying stuff that affects us poor folk.

Yes, you can offer support to an amoral party that has lost touch with the working person and their interests, take part in their petty propaganda on some Euro party no one here in the UK really gives a toss about.

Well you are in fine company with the anti-white racist Jo Brand, pro labour cock muncher Stephen Fry (who I abused previously here) and the nutters from the unions.

Still as one of the elite Patrick, you can afford to avoid the dole lines, the vast numbers who's lives have been ruined by the party you support.

So do be a good Thespian an to paraphrase your own words: "Fuck off and make it so."

New Labour whores, sell outs and shrills bleat about some chaps in Europe. Patrick Stewart, what a fucking cunt.

Strange how this cock sucking, new labour penis sucking cuntmonkey gets an award for whoring his arse cheeks yet Joanna Lumley who supported the Gurkha's gets fuck all....

Strange that;-)

7 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

What, this fag gets a knighthood whilst the fragrant Ms Lumley is ignored? So much for looking after the peoples' wants.

Anonymous said...

Sir Pat, your time is short, may you rot in hell when you die. You and yours will suffer in the new year. You have betrayed the people of Britain by aligning yourself with Labour. I wish a thousand deaths on you.

Polaris said...

Happy New Year Fido - here's to a better one.

Clara x

Fidothedog said...

Cheers Clara :-)

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Patrick Stewart's penchant for supporting a Leftist party does not surprise me, because almost all entertainers here in America all have their lips permanently attached to Obama's.

Yet, during the Cold War years, when entertainers were escaping from the Soviet Union and seeking asylum in the U.S. all of our stars supported them, now all of a sudden, they are all communists and socialists. Just something to make you say "Hmmmmm."

Barking Spider said...

Entertainment is, unfortunately, full of them in every sense of the word "luvvie" - I've gone right off this one now!

I notice Bruce Forsyth is still denied a gong - he must have done something to piss them off, or perhaps he's too hetero for them!!

The Lord Mayor is also denied his traditional knighthood while Gorbals Mick gets his peerage despite being the first Speaker to be ousted from the post in 300 years!!!

We need a fucking election to flush away all this shit to where it belongs!

Happy New Year, Fido, and roll on May 6th!!!

banned said...

He was shit in Star Trek too, mind you so many 'celebs' are deserting Labour that they will have to bribe a few to stay with them.

Seems Callaghan wanted to get Elton John onside thirty years ago but decided that his profile was 'too difficult'. How time change.