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Nimco Hassan Ibrahim yet another lazy thieving Somali barbarian.

Spotted at Old Holborn's place

Such a Shame - You'll Need A Bigger TV in Your New Home!

How on earth has it come to pass that an illegal immigrant with no rights whatsoever to be here is getting over a thousand quid a month in benefits and is being given a nice four bed-roomed house at our expense?

Not to ask the question of how she manages to acquire a huge TV and loads of additional creature comforts...

The Penguin.
Looking at the large TV, one has the thought that it might be the proceeds of piracy?

Bloody Somalis a bunch of oil tanker hijacking, dole scrounginglight fingeredkidnapping UK citizens on the high seas, tent wearing intolerant head chopping, WPC killing loons who attempt to kill someone who insults the pedophile barbarian they worship; by daring to mock him in a cartoon.

Who also have a habit of carrying out massive fraud and stealing vast amounts of your cash.

Nimco Hassan Ibrahim and the millions of other imported client base of Labour voting savages allowed in by New Labour and will be all voting for the one eye'd bully Gordon in order to keep the benefits gravy train running. All using postal votes and voting many many times...

7 people have spoken:

418 said...

"How on earth has it come to pass that an illegal immigrant with no rights whatsoever to be here"

In fact the court found she has the right to reside here and from that right others, including the 'right' to a giant TV, follow on as surely as B follows A.

See here, the court's press release which also refers to another woman's case:


Dazed And Confused said...

I bet she can watch Sheik Osama's broadcasts in high definition and stunning detail on that fucker, all paid for of course by the British tax payer, courtesy of New Labour filth.

But will she vote Labour (if shes qualified to of course being illegal and all)

418 said...

@ Dazed And Confused

But she's not illegal: thank's to Labour, via the ECJ, she has the right to reside here.

Budvar said...

The only way to put a stop to all this is to vote BNP. But we can't do that though, oh no, it would be fuckin racist wouldn't it!!

Dazed And Confused said...


The B.N.P.?.....How dare you mention those three unspeakable consonants?

Here's four more that are now seemingly deemed racist - "U.K.I.P.". Just ask U.A.F. Dave

banned said...

I'm not a racist but, while I understand the process whereby citizens of our former Empire still have some form of right of entry and how one of the few things that I agree with about the EU is free movement of labour, I cannot for the life of me see why this country has any obligation towards citizens of Somalia with whom we have no historic links whatever.

Budvar said...

It's not just Somalis though, we have an Iraqi "asylum seeker" at work. He came here as it was too dangerous for him in Iraq, it isn't too dangerous for him to go back for a 12 week holiday though, oh no. The real kicker in all this though is the company by law has to keep his job open for him while he's getting in touch with his roots. These people are just taking the piss however diplomatically you wish to put it. The Brits are like a sleeping lion, you can poke us with a stick safe in the knowledge we're behind bars. Only don't be surprised if one day the lion gets hold of you and drags you in pieces to his side of the bars. Then the hand wringing starts, how could this happen? Lions should all be quietly put down in the interests of health and safety. When you try this don't be suprised to find your self surrounded by leopards, tigers and bears who are also a bit fucked off with having their noses tweeked and being poked with sticks.