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Jim Railton £1000 fine for selling 100 year old bird eggs.

From http://www.bigbrotherwatch.org.uk/

Earlier this month we highlighted the tragic case of Jim Railton - the auctioneer from Alnwick who had been arrested for putting a 19th Century wooden cabinet containing birds eggs up for sale at his auction house.
Jim is a parish councillor and a law-abiding man who, because of this ridiculous episode, has now had his DNA added to the national database and gained a criminal record.
As we said at the time; the authorities could have had a quiet word, perhaps even cautioned him - but instead (egged on by the heinous RSPB) Jim was hauled in front of a magistrates court.
Today the court passed its judgement (from the BBC):
A Northumberland auctioneer has been fined £1,000 for trying to sell an Edwardian chest of drawers containing 100-year-old bird eggs.
Jim Railton, who said he had no idea he was breaking the law and claimed he would have only made £15 profit from the sale, has branded the fine "harsh".
The 57-year-old admitted at Alnwick Magistrates' Court one count of exposing for sale wild birds eggs. 
This fine is an absolute disgrace. Jim Railton is a law-abiding man who has been awfully treated by both the RSPB and Northumbria Police.
Instead of wasting time and money pursuing this non-crime, the police should have been out hunting real criminals.
Now an innocent man has had to hand over more than £1,000, had his DNA taken and been given a criminal record.
A very sad state of affairs.
**There you go folks, crime in New Labour's Britain. Go after a bag thief an hits up before the justice you go. An its not just crimes like that, after all the law needs to track down OAP's who sell goldfish.

Then again even if you do find a policeman, he won't help. Oh and do take care when talking to one as it may turn out to be Delroy Smellie or this fine cuntstanle PC Stuart Gray.

Oh and don't be taking any photo's the state don't like it.

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