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Police accountability: Jacqui Smith throws away chance of police reform, we are left with Brunstrum.

Bovine faced Home Sec. Jacqui Smith, has abandoned plans to make the police more directly accountable to their local communities. 

It is questionable whether the Government was ever serious about this measure.

Now the lardy assed one Smith says the intervention of Boris Johnson the Mayor of London with regards Sir Ian Blair the Met commissioner was a factor in her decision. 

Now logically this should have worked in favor of continuing with the legislation rather than scrapping it.

Sir Ian resigned because he had lost the confidence of the elected polticial leader of the capital he served, as well as that of the public whos voices went unheard until Boris said what the majority were thinking. 

So according to Jaquis vague and tenuous grasp of logic (not no mention reality)she is putting forward the idea that a police chief in whom the community has no confidence should just carry on because he has the support of national politicians rather than local support.

The other reason she has called a halt to this is because police chiefs were opposed to it. Well fuck me Jacqui has that bit of logic not sank into the small brain behind your bovine features? Of course they will be opposing it, why would they want some local politican/appointee.

They are hardly going to want some one who is going to raise questions on some cock up and have them answer them on behalf of the locals, what is this a democracy of something?

For those who think our system is not that bad, well I am sure the poor folk suffering under the bizarre rule of Richard Brunstrom.

Some facts on this odd policeman:
Brunstrom who when appointed announced that he was "going large" on drivers, has put squillions of speed cameras across his zone of control, described people who drive at 32 in a 30mph zone as "yobs"

At one point North Wales finest under his orders nicked some 32,333 speeding "yobs" in just five months. 
He called for cars to be fitted with limiters to stop them going over 70mph no matter what the circumstances. Except for the local plod and he also turned a blind eye to the 102 drivers in North Wales Police who were caught speeding.
He drives a 140mph E-class Merc, thanks to North Wales taxpayers. I have no idea if a limiter has been fitted to the vehicle?
Bad Taste:
He is also known for his use of pictures of a man killed in a road accident with permission, calling a press conference to attack a pensioner who had the nerve to complain about a speeding ticket
Stasi tactics:
His juniors attacked a Tory candidate Felicity Elphick for racism, threatening her with a "swift police response" for complaining that they should not put people in the same category as those they dealt with in Caia Park.
Caia Park was a sink estate that had a riot in 2003 between locals and illegal migrants resulting in 80 arrests.
Needless meddling:
Then there was his investigations into racism by Tony Blair and The Weakest Link host Anne Robinson over harmless remarks they had made about the Welsh.
Mad as a box of snakes?
He is in favour of legalising heroin and giving out free needles, been photographed dressed as a Druid! Oh and in what is one of the wettest areas of the UK he handed out free sun tan lotion to officers to protect them from skin cancer
Tough on crime:
Not really. The burglary clear up rate was just 6% at one stage.
Human rights:
Brunstrom planned to muzzle police dogs in case they bite suspects. He issued a manual training warning that the use of dogs "has the potential to breach human rights".

His plan was that instead of biting, the dog could launches itself like a missile at the suspect. Sgt Ian Massie explained "It is one of the additional options open to us to muzzle our dogs an get them to use a headbutt."
Missile police dogs! Sadly the chance to vote out and replace this nutter with someone who will improve on burglary over proper crime like "yobs" who drive at 32 Mph has been pissed away by the kebab eating, lard arsed Home Sec. with the saggy udders and bovine face.

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2 people have spoken:

Houdini said...

He is also known for his use of pictures of a man killed in a road accident with permission,

This incident is well known in my area as Brunstrom is my local chief constable. He used the photos without permission of the family, but what is worse is that the family didn't know exactly how the man had died and that there was actually photos that existed; the man was a motor biker and hit a car side on, and his head literally got ripped off. The pictures showed the mans head at the side of the road with his helmet still on and Brunstrom commented that the head would still be able to think and see for some minutes afterwards during the presentation.

This man is a serious idiot who is loathed by the North Wales police force.

Now this is true but a copper visited me a while back for a cuppa; he is okay. He was completely fucked off because he said he was it for North Wales from Queensferry to Conwy for at least an hour because of shift changes and people off sick. I asked him about the coppers on the bypass I could see from my workshop window and he said there were dozens of the fuckers but they did nothing other than chase drivers doing 32 in a 30mph zone, and those were his words.

Coppers like Brunstrom, and most of the fuckers, are like politicians; they think they deserve respect and demand it, but they've forgotten they serve us and work for us.

Both are vile and cunty creatures.

Anonymous said...

The police and educational services need to be democratised and be made accountable to the citizens they serve.

They are no longer fit for purpose as their main purpose has changed to social conditioning.

Getting the police & education boards directly elected rather than a bunch of local councillors who are accountable to no one would have been a help even though these institutions will still have massive interference from central government.

It doesn't surprise me though that this was abandoned, there is no road to Damascus conversions in politics. These commies in charge will always act like commies no matter how much they try to renounce their past.