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Gordonomics - Life on the streets in Gordon Browns "Cool Britannia"

CREDIT crunch victim Phil Jacobs stares at the tatty cardboard box he now calls home and delivers a gim warning to Britain’s workforce: “Take it from me, you’re just one pay packet away from being homeless.”

As a qualified construction machine driver Phil was never out of work for more than two weeks in over a decade as he earned a good living on London’s building sites.

He shared a flat, had a pretty girlfriend and a good social life. But then came the downturn. . . wages and overtime sank and he was forced into a cheaper flat.

Then, just before Christmas, he and 20 colleagues were LAID OFF. Within one short week Phil had been KICKED OUT of his home, DUMPED by his girl and REDUCED to sleeping rough in city doorways.

“I couldn’t believe how quickly it can all happen,” said Phil. “Once you’ve used up your credit card and overdraft, and all your favours from friends, there’s a real void and little choice but to sleep on the streets.”

Phil’s not alone. A News of the World investigation revealed a worrying number of people recently forced onto the streets as the recession robs Britain of its jobs and dreams.

Most of us think it could never happen to us.
Sadly he is caught in a trap. With no address, he can get no job and with no job he can not remove himself from the streets of Gordons Britain.

Do Labour give a flying fuck about him or anyone from this nation, the answer to that is no. My local cunt of a Labour MP bleated on about how the charity Shelter was running a fatwa against good news and organised a "sob in" at Westminster. I covered that here and also here

Then we had piss poor housing minister Caroline Flint threaten council tenents if they did not seek work

And I even covered a couple living in a shed as a result of our mono eyed idiot from Scotland. Oh and a couple living in a tent.

Of course there are council homes out there Labour will argue, what they fail to point out is they would rather follow their dogma and house illegal migrant savages over the natives.

Oh and best not point out how Labour state employees milk the system by removing old people from homes and moving in themselves and party friends.

Not that our MP's have to worry, especially one Yvette Cooper.(thanks to fiddling the 2nd home allowance paid to MP's.)

But its not all bad, okay fucking shit if your a citizen but should you be the tick box darling of the New Labour champagne swilling socialists all is well. Just take the case of illegal Toorpakai Saindi.
She is not white(tick in box), she is a woman(tick in box), she is "asian"(tick in box), moslem(tick in box), has loads of kids(tick in box), by different fathers(tick in box) and even mocks the system helping her(tick in box). Of course the Labour lot will house her, despite her having no right to be here.
Before I called New Labour MP's toffs a while back and it really does suit them, I shall finish with what I said before about our Labour filth MP's.

Quite often the word is thrown about to describe someone as out of touch, different from the rest of us, having advantages that we can only dream of and could never get. Therefore the jibe of calling them a toff is used to imply that they could never understand the day to day problems of the fudal poor.

Somewhat like MP's for example, who get expenses for food, travel, 2nd homes and on top of the 60K+ wages, pocket well over 100K+ each in expenses. Oh and that much talked about "John Lewis" list.

Like this lot of toffs who voted to keep their expenses and to keep acting like feudal toffs and exploiting the proletariat, in order to fund their lavish lifestyles. Yes I do like the humour of throwing the word proletariat at Labour MP's who have sold out and whored away all the last vestiges of socialism.

I wonder if any of the champagne socialists - I shall refer to them as toffs - in the Commons will be willing to share their funds with the poor, the homeless or in these times of negative equity and recession be willing to just take a wage freeze or cut.

Not holding my breath on that one.

All animals are equal but some socialist toff animals are more equal than others.

Maybe we should name the tempory tent cities that will be springing up across the UK, as more end up homeless Brownvilles?

3 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

They have a new mantra of saying any admitting of the shit we are in is talking down the Country. Same dogma they used if you expressed concern about mass immigration, racist. Bloggers, if it looks like, tastes like, hurts like, sounds like shit, it probably is Labour.

Fidothedog said...

The latest B/S from cyclops an co. Claim mentioning the truth is talking down the nation.

Houdini said...

Don't forget that the cabinet met in Southampton this time, the third time they have met outside the usual offices, at a cost of 220k a pop.

How many people could be housed by the useless cunts meeting in London and saving 650k then? How many operations? etc. etc. etc.