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Proppah Bloggah Tom Watson MP - statement

Hat tip to oberonhouston also at Guido
“We have today been instructed by government minister Tom Watson, MP for West Bromwich, in connection with allegations concerning him and the emails exchanged between Damian McBride and Derek Draper relating to a proposed website entitled ‘Red Rag’.

“We have today written to the editors of the Mail on Sunday and the Daily Mail to complain about the publication of the false allegation that our client had knowledge of, and participated in, Mr McBride’s actions.

“We have made it clear that our client has confirmed to us that he was not copied in on any of the emails exchanged between Mr McBride and Mr Draper, nor was he aware of them or their content until their existence was first drawn to the attention of Downing Street by national newspapers, on Friday April 10.

“He still has not seen them. We have further made it clear that our client had no involvement in or knowledge of the ‘Red Rag’ website.”

Should have started that with the line "Once upon a time in a land far far away..."

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