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Here be dragons...or rather one Jacqui Smith Home Sec.(at least some of the time)

A hat tip to Bristol Dave for this one. Well you know what she says, nothing to hide nothing to fear.

The bovine faced, slack jawed, kebab munching, expense fiddling Home Sec. can be found at
156 Ivydale Road
SE15 3BT

Slight hint(Its the one with the two PC's standing about outside)


5 people have spoken:

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I see the neighbours have had enough and are leaving.
Why has that slovernly WPC left her hat on the wall ?

Fidothedog said...

Can't blame the neighbours getting out, would you want to be next door to her and that masturbating monkey of a husband of hers.

Not that I would argue with him, I understand his right arm is built like a bodybuilders! :-)

John A Thomson said...

You're nicked! Prevention of Terrorism or RIPA or whatever other piece of misused legislation will be brought to bear on this one!

Anonymous said...

Two constables watching over her ey, isn't this the sam sniveling cow who loudly proclaimed that the streets of London are very safe for you peasants.

In a just world a cow like this would be tossed out on her ass and told to fend for herself, like the rest of us.

Fidothedog said...

MK, yep thats the one. She also stated shortly after that she would not like to wander about late at night.

Oh not long after that popped out for a kebab with police guards, dangerous places are kebab shops by all accounts.

Then she wants ID cards an databases for us but MP's not to be recorded - mind we have her house.

Oh and she charged the taxpayers £10 for 2 porn films for her husband.