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More than 50 pubs a week now closing, cheers Gordon.

From The Morning Advertiser... The head of CGA Strategy, the pub and drinks market analyst, says the number of pubs closing has now reached more than 50 per week.

Speaking at The Tenanted Pub Company Summit, organised by the Morning Advertiser and M&C Report, chief executive Jon Collins said the number was now in 51-to-53 range – well above the previous peak estimate of 46.

CGA tracks the pub closure rate on behalf of the British Beer & Pub Association. At 53 per week, the pub closure level would equate to about 2,750 per year – almost 5% of the UK pub market.

The new closure rate of above 50 is well above the previous reported number of 39, which the BBPA and CGA announced January. The figure covered the second half of 2008.

The number of pubs shutting their doors has escalated to the current, alarmingly high level as the pub industry as encountered what has been dubbed the “perfect storm” - a potent cocktail of rising costs coupled with an extremely challenging trading period.

So Gordon slaps on ever more duties, business rates rise, the smoking ban, costs rising and Gordon hides away in his bunker producing ever more tractorstats on how fucking marvellous the World is and how it is all down to him.

Gordon Brown truely a cunt's cunt. A cuntissimo, who made an enemy of every drinker in the land.

What's the collective noun for Labour politicians again? A cuntagation? Yeah that will do.


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Sue said...

That's the idea, stop us congregating and plotting!!

Fidothedog said...

But we can all plot over the interweb.