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Prof Ian Gilmore illiberal fucknut.

Yet another freedom removing, choice removing, holier than fucking thou weapons grade bell end - who probably has a short cock(see pic left)- is telling us what is best, the cunt.

DRINKING blackspots will be subjected to prohibition-style laws under a radical proposal by the country’s top liver doctor.
The aim is to block alcohol sales in parts of the country where people’s health is being put at risk by drink.

The plan was put forward by Professor Ian Gilmore and it could see many inner city areas being turned into drink-free zones.
Brilliant, close the pubs and put businesses out of work. Hand off booze from the responsible outlets to that of the black market bootlegger. 

Seriously has he actually thought this through, I mean has he? If someone is unable to go out and meet for a beer in their local they will travel further and cause problems in other areas. 
In an exclusive interview with the Sunday Express, Prof Gilmore said: “Much of the focus of drink has been on its link with antisocial behaviour, crime and disorder but our concern is about the damaging consequences of drink to health.

“When I became a liver specialist 30 years ago, alcoholic liver disease was something we only saw in middle-aged and older people. Now we’re seeing people in their twenties with end-stage liver disease.

“We need to use all the tools we’ve got to try to tackle this problem.”

Prof Gilmore wants the law changed so councils could refuse a drink licence on health grounds.
Naturally such rules will not apply to the righteous like Professor Gilmore, who should think that it is all down to personal responsibility and fuck right off. 
He said: “I am calling for health to become top of the agenda and this should be a factor in granting licences.”
And I am calling for Prof. Gilmore and his puritanical ilk to fuck themselves.

Still they receive funds from the state via the fake charity industry, that is funded by the state - that is by us via our taxes:

This from a government that talks of nazi style health mentors.


2 people have spoken:

it's either banned or compulsory said...

"Now we’re seeing people in their twenties with end-stage liver disease."
Might have thought that the government would be pleased to see scumbag binge drinkers killing themselves off thus not incurring further costs to the overburdoned NHS

Cuntmonkey Supremo Liam Donaldson still has five years in post, what will he dream up next ?

Oh yeah, I forgot; Alcohol Rationing Via voluntary ID cards.

Fidothedog said...

Don't even joke about the ID card shit, I heard some wanker from the doctors spouting shit about cards for smokes the other year.