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Nat West - Bloody useless home insurance.

Bloody hell what the hell is it with sodding banks? The whole set up is like something from a Monty Python skit designed to piss off the customer from point of contact.

I have commented before on the ongoing saga with the (in my view) piss poor home contents insurance. Poor in that I pay, they take the money and when I claim they say no leaving me in the lurch. All the posts are below in no particular order.

Nat West have been e-mailed and aside from an email back some 3 days later advising that someone will be in touch, nothing, not a call, e-mail in short jack shit.

Now I happen to know something about handling complaints, having worked for a rather poor renumeration on customer complaints for many years. So I am not really someone who when offered the turd sandwich and told that it is in fact a lovely snack, will belive it is anything more than a turd sandwich.

In short since the weekend when the washing machine died, I contacted them on the Monday(10th August) morning and was told to fuck the fuck off asap all in an FSA complient way. I put in a complaint there and then, also I have heard nothing back on that. Just the first mail saying that someone will be in touch, that was on Thursday(13th August).

Since then I have had to use cash to get a new machine, deal with all the minor hassles that not having a machine causes and generaly felt like I have been treated like a cunt by Nat West from start to finish.

Our new machine (an very nice it is if washing machines are your thing) arrived yesterday and I figure that Nat West owe me a few hundred notes to put this clusterfuck of their causing right.

So far I have waited and see no reason for me to spend ages on hold, listening to some old classic tune on a loop whilst an automated voice tells me that my call is important to them and that all the advisors are busy.

Next stage will be through the small claims courts, over to Shat West....


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