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New Labour: The soft truth behind the tough talk on migrants.

Well first off we had Phil Woolas sounding tough on migrants who protest against the troops. Saying that he will stop them getting passports. Ohhhh! Never mind that most of the fucknuts calling for beheading of UK troops already are UK citizens.

Next up we have Postman prat Alan Johnson claiming he will be tough on 2nd, 3rd and 4th wives. Lots of soundbites on how they all need to speak English etc etc etc.

Meanwhile in la la looney New Labour land, we have this happening.
Immigrants are to be given instructions on how to claim benefits as their first step in a new life in Britain.

They will be told to attend ‘orientation days’ at which they will be given information including their right to claim handouts, according to plans published by ministers yesterday.

The instructions were set out in a Home Office paper on how immigrants will in future be asked to qualify for a British passport by earning points and credits.
Your tax money in action folks. Forget all the BNP style talk on being "tough on savages, tough on the causes of....", they are still the same soft on illegals, hugg a terrorist loons they always way.

Then we had this classic!

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