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PCSO's: Fit only for bullying kids.

An what was the childs crime? Climbing a tree.

For Kade-Liam Read, his summer holiday was meant to be filled with happy memories of the five cousins he rarely sees.

Instead the nine-year-old was left 'terrified' after a PCSO gave him a stern warning for climbing a tree, leaving him standing in the park with paperwork to fill out.

The boy, who lives in Germany, was visiting his cousins in Churchdown, Gloucester, and his parents now fear he will be too scared to return to England.
Some previous on these fuckers.
As much use as tits on a bull
PCSO's about as much use with policing as Pogo the Clown was with regards childcare.

We also have these gems on the huge waste of time, effort and cash that is the PCSO's:
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