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Kerry OUT!

I see that the rather dim witted, bovine faced, slack jawed yokel that is MP for Mogadishu East; one Kerry McCarthy has a fan site.

Well its hardly surprising as the dim one has not made herself many friends, even blocking Iain Dale, yes the woman who plans to get the message across to the masses via 140 character messages on Twitter doesn't like dialogue.

Its not the first person she has blocked, I was blocked back in August and I know of others who have offended Kerry by having differing views and have been cast out from the wisdom of her tweets. Woe unto them, for they shall miss the Holy Tweet.

Mind I can understand her blocking me on Twitter as I did mock her whining over expenses, her voting for 42 days, her voting to keep the 2nd home allowance for MP's, her attack on private schooling, her expenses theft of our money, her failure to support Garry McKinnon, her voting with the Government to stop Gurkha's from having the right to settle in the UK, how she gave us all a laugh by becoming the intermong Tsar,

In fact she has shown by her actions that Old Holborn was right about her when he said:
I hear Kerry McCarthy MP, the fat useless power grabbing oaf of Mogadishu East has been made some sort of leader for New Labour’s assault on the internet. Good. She is fundamentally stupid, untalented and will suck the cock of anyone who can offer her a lift up the greasy pole.
She claimed that even The Sun giving McSnotty notice was not bad news. Maybe the good voters of Bristol could elect a chimp to the House of Commons, it will be better value for money and produce better tweets as well.

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Dazed And Confused said...

She doesn't like dialogue on her own blog either, banning almost anyone who disagrees with her views.

Early contender for cunt of the Year?

By the way who won the award last Year, If I remember rightly in 2008 it was Tom Harris and the Year before that the bananaman.