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Health regulations and bansturbation

Yet more news of waste, some £3million a year handed to Weight Watchers/Slimmers World, to persuade the lard laden that they need to lose weight.

We had a report showing squillions wasted on projects without anyone doing any research to see if the programmes make any difference.

The Health Select Committee said: “More public money must not be wasted on ineffective and possibly damaging interventions”.

Now this has not stopped the spin, waste and fuckwittery from New Labour and its backers the health nazi's.

In recent weeks we have had this:

First up fucknut Prof Ian Gilmore an illiberal fucker of the worst type.

DRINKING blackspots will be subjected to prohibition-style laws under a radical proposal by the country’s top liver doctor.The aim is to block alcohol sales in parts of the country where people’s health is being put at risk by drink.

Alan Johnson planning an army of clipboard wielding health nanny's.

Public health "mentors" will be enlisted by the NHS to offer 'on the spot' advice in their local neighbourhood when they see people smoking, eating or drinking too much.....The Government hopes that the volunteers will help to get across its messages on healthy living in a new and influential way but the plans have been criticised as evidence of the creeping 'nanny state'.

Sir Liam Donaldson who is a New Labour Nazi cuntmonkey planning ever more booze taxes.
The government's top medical adviser has drawn up plans for a minimum price for alcohol which would double the cost of some drinks in England.
Under the proposal from Sir Liam Donaldson, it has been reported that no drinks could be sold for less than 50 pence per unit of alcohol they contain.
It would mean most bottles of wine could not be sold for less than £4.50.
A Department of Health spokeswoman said the government "had not ruled out" taking action on cheap alcohol.
Sir Liam's proposal is aimed at tackling alcohol misuse and is set out in his annual report on the nation's health.
The same tool who came up with the horsecock about prosecuting parents for giving children a taste of the demon booze.
Parents could be banned from giving children a taste of wine or beer at home under a Government crackdown on binge drinking announced on Monday.

Currently any child aged five or over is legally allowed to try alcohol at home under their parents' supervision.

But a review designed to tackle the growing problem of teenage binge drinking will consider whether the legal age limit should be raised.
Then we have the plain packets for the cancer sticks.
Plans to force cigarette manufacturers to introduce plain packaging — assumed to have been dropped in Alistair Darling's Pre-Budget Report last year — have been quietly revived, The Times has learnt.

A group of cross-party backbench peers have made amendments to the Health Bill, which is making its way through Parliament, with a view to restoring the proposal.
Getting back to the lardies being paid for shedding weight, we have a situation where the state also pays money to overweight folk to fat to work.
Thousands of Britons are officially too fat to work.

Government figures released yesterday reveal that 2,130 individuals are claiming incapacity benefit as a direct result of obesity.
Then we have Dr David Walker & Prof Roger Corder, a pair of happy ban loving fuckers who see ever more bans and regulations on sugar and chocolate.
Family doctor David Walker believes that chocolate is a "major player" in the problem of the country's expanding waistlines.
Taxing the treat would raise its profile as an unhealthy food which can contribute to weight-related conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure and back pain, the Lanarkshire GP will tell doctors at a conference in Clydebank.
And cue Professor Roger Corder of The London School of Medicine said Walker was concentrating on the wrong problem. "Targetting chocolate is misguided. If we targeted sugar, you'd capture all unhealthy foods," he told the BBC.

Now as all these folk have the ear of the mono eyed one in No.10, the problems ain't going away any time soon.

Although I would suggest that if anyone needed a few sessions at the local weight loss scheme it's James Gordon Brown....

5 people have spoken:

Sue said...

I'm so glad I live in Spain or I'd be driven to drink, drugs and anti-depressants by now.

Cato said...

Sue, do you do B&B?

You might have a lot of customers!

Old Bag said...

should we all just fucking top ourselves now?..no alcohol, no fags, only eat boring food..what next? a ban on oxygen because it contains too many negative calories?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Public Health Monitors would be well advised to avoid advising me.

Nosey fucking cunts. 'nuff said.

Fidothedog said...

Sue I think Spain seems a better option than the dour, joyless hole this bastard Brown is turning the UK into.