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Wankergate - Jacqui Smith expenses.

What with the use of asset seizing being used against fishermen who - granted knowingly broke the law but are hardly drug dealers which the asset seizing laws were designed to tackle - leaving them without any assets and out of business for good; it is rather annoying to see another bunch of self serving spivs fleecing the taxpayers.

I refer of course to one Jacqui Smith. 

In her expenses which are designed to help MP's do their job she claimed: 

£10 on two grmble flicks viewed by her masterbating husband.
A £39.99 barbecue
One £2.50 toothbrush holder 
A £14 doormat
Plus£104.56 on a patio heater for her garden 
Oh and a £369.99 flatscreen TV.
Lets not forget that 88p bathplug.
We also pay for her cable subscription.
Also £334 receipt for plant pots!
For the kitchen, a place vital to MP's work she claimed for a stone sink and console at £550.

For the bathroom: plumbing, £405.37; tiles, £36.36; shelf, mirror, linen dispenser, toothbrush holder(already mentioned that above) and double towel rail, £88.97; shower mixer and fitting, £499.36.

For the living room she claimed for armchair and cushion and delivery, £575; three suede cushions, circle light track and mirror, £59.37; fireplace and fittings, £1,000; Samsung 32in flat-screen TV, £369.99.

For the bedroom she claimed for a sofabed, £511.20, and bed linen, £110.
Outside and in the garden: hosepipe, £74.79; white rope, £30.72; Monaco patio set, £160; plant pots, £334.70.

General and services: decorating (hallway, stairs, main bedroom and cloakroom), £1,370; Virgin Media service charges, £68 and £67. (See also the grumble flicks for her masterbating husband above)

She is also struggling to hold on to her Commons seat, the most marginal held by any Cabinet minister; I am sure the folk laid off in her area will be so impressed by her expenses.

Miss Smith, who has offered to repay the cost of the pornographic films, insisted yesterday that her relationship with husband Richard Timney remained 'strong' despite the humiliating revelations.

The mother-of-two would not comment on suggestions that Mr Timney, who is paid £40,000 a year by taxpayers to act as her Parliamentary assistant, had been exiled to the sofa.

'We've got a strong relationship both personally and professionally - in terms of the work he does in my constituency office. And it's still strong now,' she said.

I bet, he has a right arm like a bodybuilder!

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MK said...

From your previous posts about how much money these parasites are suckling off the taxpayer, you'd think she'd have enough money for a damn toothbrush holder. What a cheap sack of trash!

Fidothedog said...

MK, why pay when we can pay for them?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Fucking lezzer cunt.