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Jacqui Smith - We pay for her hubby to view porn: Okay I will call it "Wankgate."

Blue movies on expenses, this is just so wrong....Home Secretary Jacqui Smith’s political future was in jeopardy tonight after it was revealed that her husband used her Commons expenses allowance to pay to watch pornographic films.

Richard Timney(Mr Jacqui Smith and letter scribbler for his wife), who works as Ms Smith’s Commons adviser, used part of the Minister’s second-homes allowance to pay for the blue movies he watched on a subscription television channel.

The relationship between Ms Smith and her husband was said by Government insiders to be ‘very difficult,’ but stressed that the couple were still together.
It is understood that Mr Timney had been watching explicit adult movies on channels broadcast on the Virgin Media cable TV service.

The scandal revolves around an invoice on which Mr Timney is believed to have made the expenses claims. Subscribers to the service can access X-rated films on the Playboy Channel, the Adult Channel and Television X for around £11 a month. It is also possible to order adult channels on a pay-per-night basis for £5.

Tory MP Philip Davies said last night that if the porn-movie claims were true, the Home Secretary would have to resign.

‘Claiming that her sister’s back bedroom is her main home is one thing but this could push her over the cliff. It is surely not legitimate to use Commons’ second-home allowances to buy blue movies. If this is true, I cannot see how she can survive.’

The revelation comes as The Mail on Sunday launches a petition to demand a full enquiry into MPs' expenses.
Another Troughligate story. 

Well I knew it would not be long before the bovine faced, slack jawed, dim witted, kebab eating, expense fiddling piss poor excuse for an MP and bloody shoddy Home (economics) Sec. Jacqui landed in the shit again but even by her standards this is quick. 

Maybe not as quick as her husband having a quick one off the wrist but damn quick either way.

Now whichever way you look at this there is no way we should be funding cable for MP's, least of all for the "relaxation" of MP's husbands having a hand shandy. 
Not really an image I want to picture either, but she as the one claiming our money should ensure it is spent in a reasonable and professional manner, not "spunked up against the wall" - sorry could not resist that jibe.

Plus that tedious bull about a useless abuse register.

Her decided to do sod all in real terms about kicking out islamist goat herders whilst making it ever more difficult for skilled migrants to enter the UK.

Hell I have not even started on ID cards yet, talking of which her dubious claims that we all wanted them oh so badly we would be happy to pre-register.

She stands there with that empty bovine expression on her face, as I said before
With Jacqui I would say that her bovine face has something of 10 Rillington Place about it.
Then she has been getting some flack over her expenses having grabbed somewhere in the region of £232,000 in tax free additional allowances by claiming that her sister's spare bedroom is her main residence.  

If that is true no wonder hubby was watching wankovision.

According to reports she was reported by her neighbours with regards her dubious expense claims.

She also employs members of her family, or to be accurate we do as we pay for them. Hell we are even paying for their wanking now!

Although credit where credit is due she did kick out islamic fucknut called Ibrahim Moussawi, but I shall negate that off the score sheet for kicking out Geert Wilders.

Finally we had the whole fiasco of her kebab gate story.

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5 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

be fair Fido,any man married to her would spend quite a lot of his time watching porn.Her husband deserves a medal for not inflicting her on some poor other sod. Not unlike a soldier diving on a grenade,to save his colleagues.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Comment from The Mail On Sunday

"Unless she looks a lot better in the flesh than on TV then I can't blame him! But, he should be spending his money not ours!"
Rating +177 David, Aberdaron, North Wales, 29/3/2009 3:50

Fidothedog said...

Jacqui Smith said she will repay the money, bit late now as it's already been wanked up against the wall.

Or is she talking about the kitchen sink or the 88p bath plug.+

Old Bag said...

hhhhhmmmm..who said wanking was a cheap form of entertainment?..not if yer married to jackboots!..and for the love of god, dont uncross those legs missus! DONT!

John A Thomson said...

Jacqui is working on paying back the expense... but first she has to figure out something else to claim to its value. Maybe a third home or something like that!

I'm bemused how she can claim the full cost of an internet connection for a 2nd home. Mr Taxman would question this claim on any business expense, so how come they get to spunk away our money.