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Mad champagne socialist Hilary Benn wants to end buy one get one free offers.

The latest bit of vote losing b/s from the moonbats of New Labour, they think that the supermarkets' buy-one-get-one-free offers should be scrapped and replaced with half price offers.

So-called BOGOF offers and loss leaders - where supermarkets sell products for less than they pay for them to get customers through their doors - are contributing to an increase in carbon emissions. Never mind that people need them to survive on low incomes.

What he misses is that people want them, banning these would hit the poorest in society the hardest.

The food budget that many on low incomes have is under pressure and if they can buy say 2 tins of beans for the price of one, all the better.

I buy 2 for 1 offers and unlike champagne socialist Hilary and his overpaid do nothing ilk- who can get his food free thanks to the MP's food allowance of £400 a month- I see it as a way of saving a few pounds on the shopping bill each week.

Aside from the state putting its inept fingers into the private sector yet again, all that his measure will do is hit the poorest, the very people who are dependent on state incomes, those who want to save some money. Often the very people like OAP's who vote for Labour.

Quite where he thinks all this waste is coming from I don't know? Most people I know waste very little food, what with all the other bills going up thanks to Labours inept policies they can not afford to let food go to waste.

When the socialists pigs decide to pay for their food out of their wages as an MP, you know like the rest of us have to and get rid of the MP's £400 a month food allowance; then and only then will these cunts be in a position to dictate to the rest of us.

It just shows how out of touch they are when they see supermarket offers as a danger to fucking carbon emmisions, rather than as something many folk need to get enough food in to actually feed themselves.

Another daft idea from a fag end government scraping the food bin for ideas.

Then again this is Hilary who called on householders to 'dig for victory' and grow vegetables in their back gardens. I'd like to help but live in a flat with no garden, maybe I could claim one on expenses?

Still this a veggie minister who is in charge of the meat industry.

He is also the tool behind this governments recycle or get a fine from the bin Stasi campaign.

Then there was a cash sleaze story, involving a payment of £5000 on 22nd June 2007: David Abrahams donates £5,000 directly to Hilary Benn's deputy leadership campaign.

A champagne socialist, he is happy to be one of 30 grafting spivs with family on the payroll.

He also loves the idea of ever rising taxes on the evil motor car.

Benn wants to open up the coastline to ramblers, but not on the champagne socialists own estate.

Still blowing money, especially other peoples comes very easy to him...

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