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JD Wetherscum - The supermarket in pubs clothing chain.

Yep JD Wetherspoon the dire corporate chav palace chain, the gin palace chain of the 21st Century and seller of zebu bushmeat burgers and fizzy larger to chavs; has yet another complaint this one from the Morning Advertiser.

A 26 year-old woman has written to her MP complaining of being thrown out of a Wetherspoons pub because one person in her group had no ID.

MP Lynne Jones has now asked JDW boss Tim Martin to explain what action he’ll take.
Martin said it shows the “nuttiness of the Government’s approach to binge drinking, with over-18s continually being asked to prove their age, much to their annoyance — and whole customers asked to leave if one person does no have ID”.

The unnamed customer said her group, all aged 26 and dressed in wedding clothes, were asked to leave after ordering soft drinks as one women had no ID.

The manager “informed us that this was the law and there was nothing he could do about it”.
The woman asked Jones to work for a change in the law and said: “I am sick of this ritual humiliation.”

In reply, Birmingham Selly Oak MP Jones wrote to Martin saying it’s “laudable” his staff carry out full ID checks but said there’s nothing in law requiring entire parties to be refused service if one member has no ID. She asked for comments and details of “remedial action” to address the concerns.

The story is reported in the September/October edition of Wetherspoon News.

I have to admit to being no great fan of this chain - my own complaint** aside - every pub the same, the same bland microwaved zebu/steak burgers, the same real ale handpumps with "available soon" on, the same cloned managers.

The bland phrases and cosying up to CAMRA pretending to support the drinkers, whilst they open yet another pub in the town and slash prices to drive the remaining pubs to the wall.

In my home town we have the Queens Hotel, now converted from a decent pub(a few years as an Australian theme pub aside) to another chavpalace. They also have their supermakets/pubs by the train station and one at the other end of town; as well as one out on the Chepstow Road.

Some posts on vermin problems in the chavpalace chain: here and here and here.

**With regards my complaint although I recieved an apology letter, I and the other person I was with also recieved another letter following that advising that we were barred as the manageress had her nose put out at uppity customers daring to complain on her shift.

JD Wetherspoon customer service in action.

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