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Welcome Geert Wilders, better late than never.

Dutch politician Geert Wilders is coming to the UK today, having had the ban imposed upon him by our disgraced, bovine faced, slack jawed, expenses fiddling, home flipping, kebab munching former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith overturned in the courts.

Geert had planned to visit the UK in February to show his film Fitna, which links the Koran to terrorism, and as we all know the moslems are a peace loving bunch who would never dream of blowing up trains in Spain, bars in Bali, flying planes into tower blocks or killing lots of children in Beslan. Oh and of course the odd London bus and tube train.

SPOING! That's the irony meter breaking there.

Anyway, he was turned back by immigration officials at Heathrow airport on the grounds that his views could stir up "inter-faith violence" - A move brought in part by the loud wailings of one Lord Ahmed who threatened to bring 10,000 moslems to protest outside the House of Lords.

That is the same ignoble peer who was also jailed for dangerous driving.

Still had Jacqui Smith spend a more time thinking through her actions and actually allowed Geert into the UK, he would have had a fraction of the publicity generated by being barred and she would have also avoided the embarrassment of having her decision overturned.

I covered the announcement of the ban being lifted here and Jackboot, sorry Jacqui Smith also banned US shock jock Michael Savage and that ban was also lifted. Someone who I had never even heard of until Jackboot decided that the chap needed to be barred from the UK, the poor woman doesn't understand the concept of free publicity.

Anyway previous posts on Geert Wilders


4 people have spoken:

edwin sanchez said...

It is not Israel has done nothing to bring peace. They have had peace with Egypt and Jordan for years now.

Gigits said...

That photo says it all, really.

It's so absurd, it makes you wonder if they were taking the fucking piss!

banned said...

Muslim rabble are hung by their own petard. Will the Police be taking action against their racist extremism ?

Fidothedog said...

I did notice that there was only a small group protesting, about 40 or so. So much for Lord Ahmed and his 10,000 muslims.