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A few little facts about China & Juan Antonio Samaranch

They have been supported by Juan Antonio Samaranch, president of the IOC from 1980 until 2001. Now El Presidenta for life.

Juan Antonio Samaranch is a man who likes exercise, he likes to stretch out his arm in a workout. This picture of Samaranch, fourth from right, doing his favourite right-arm exercise was taken in 1974 at a fascist ceremony in Barcelona.

Of course the IOC retained a number of prominent Nazis in its ranks after World War 2. Some might argue that the numbers have increased quite a bit in the years since...

Samaranch was pissed when Australia had the Olympics and has spoken out for China time after time, after time....

Then again the Olympic torch was down to the Nazi's and well even though they did get a rather bad press - what with starting WW2 and mass murder etc - the IOC is not one for wasting a good idea, especially if its head is a chum of a certain Spanish dictator.

Juan Antonio Samaranch steered the bid process and practically handed it to China on a plate, along with some Tibetan heads no doubt. Samaranch believed the Olympics had the power to promote world peace, as had been demonstrated so well by the former Chancellor of German a certain Mr A Hitler.

He also suggested that hosting the Games would encourage the totalitarian Chinese regime, post-Tiananmen, to treat dissenters with greater respect. And what with the 20 year prison term handed down to a Tibetan protester just the other day, we can clearly see that the Chinese have taken tolerance and respect on board. Well come on they did not shoot the chap, so by China's standards that is rather liberal.

Samaranch also stated that the Tibetan conflict is a political issue, not related to sports and that the IOC is a sports organization which cannot settle all things.

Then again, lets be fair its not like our football team at the German Olympics wanted to feel left out of all this nazi symbolism...
After all as everyone can see politics and sport must remain separate....

Another stealth tax rise: Exemption removed on older cars

The bitter old queen in No.10 aside from being rebuked by the EU, has decided to hit the motorist yet again.

Tens of thousands of families will have to pay up to £245 extra a year under new road tax rules after a covert government decision to include cars up to seven years old.

The Treasury admitted to The Times last night that it was quietly abolishing the exemption for older cars from the highest rates of vehicle excise duty. This means that owners of larger cars bought since March 2001 will find that their road tax will rise steeply from next April.

The increases are being introduced in two stages, with many owners who are now paying £210 a year being charged £300 in 2009 and up to £455 in 2010.

The revelation comes amid motoring costs soar. Petrol prices reached £5 a gallon yesterday. One consumer body believes that by next year it could cost £84 to fill an average car with fuel.

The new road tax was announced in last month’s Budget but its impact is only now becoming clear.

Owners of models of the Renault Espace, Vauxhall Zafira, VW Sharan, Ford Galaxy, Citroën C8, Vol-vo XC90 and others that emit more than 225g of carbon dioxide per kilometre, will pay £430 in 2010 compared with £210 this year. Owners of medium-sized cars that emit more than 180g/km, including some Ford Mondeos, will find taxes rising by up to £100.

**See its all the fault of the nasty evil motorist, we have to tax them to save the planet. Despite bugger all evidence that global warming even exists. I said before that when the first tree hugger started bleating on about global warming that the politicians would squeeze every damn penny out of our pockets on the pretext of saving the planet.

Those who try to sell their cars will find that the value has fallen sharply because of increases in fuel prices and road tax. The AA said that many people were falling into a “negative equity” trap, with their cars worth thousands of pounds less than outstanding loans.

Motoring groups said that it was unfair to penalise families who bought their cars several years ago, when people knew less about the consequences of CO 2 emissions.

**Its also unfair to tax people with out representation which is why our friends in the US left the over taxing grip of the motherland. Still you have to feel sorry for car owners, if they also own a home then they get a double “negative equity” trap, one on the car and another on the house.

The Government began varying road tax rates in 2001 but did not introduce the band G rate for cars that emit more than 225g/km, until March 2006. In the Budget that year, Gordon Brown, then the Chancellor, said that no car registered before March 23, 2006, would have to pay the band G rate.

In last month’s Budget, Alistair Darling announced a new system of 13 bands, from A to M, coming into force next April and a showroom tax of up to £950 starting in April 2010. The Chancellor said that the changes would raise an additional £1.2 billion up to March 2011 but failed to make clear that a significant portion of this would be paid by owners of older cars who would lose their exemption.

**And in the main the smaller, older cars are owned by responsible drivers, drivers that would like a bigger car but decided to try and save money, drivers who probably vote Labour, drivers who now realize that they have been bent over and the embittered old queen Gordon in No. 10 is going to administer some fiscal anal rape.

Paul Watters, head of roads policy at the AA, said: “The Government presented the changes as means of influencing people’s purchasing decisions, but it turns out that they are also penalising hard-pressed families who have been running the same car for many years.

“This will hit people who are already struggling to pay higher fuel bills and who bought their cars in good faith, not realising that the Government would move the goalposts.”

Information about the new rates is buried in an appendix to the Budget report and is not mentioned on the DVLA’s website page on vehicle tax.

Nigel Humphries, of the Association of British Drivers, said: “This impacts hardest on poorer families who need larger cars. Such drivers may not even realise the huge rises on older Mondeos, Lagunas, Vectras and Galaxies even with middle range engines until VED renewal time. Even some smaller cars such as Astras and Focuses are hit.

“The arrogance of Darling is astonishing. When questioned in a radio interview following the budget he suggested that those affected needn’t pay higher VED as they could buy new cars. Just how are they supposed to do that when food, council tax and mortgages are all up way above inflation?”

**They do not care, seriously they just think of the money from your pockets that they believe is theirs, they they honestly believe they can spend better than you can. Labour treat the workers as endless money producers for ever expanding government spending. In short they want you to keep the hell quiet and hand over all your wages, oh and vote Labour....

A Treasury spokesman said: “The Budget 2008 reforms aim to ensure that there are appropriate and consistent VED signals across the VED system — the more polluting the vehicle, the more VED it will pay — to encourage the purchase of fuel-efficient vehicles.

"Cars emitting over 226g CO2/km but bought before Budget 06 will move into Band K in 2009-10 — and will continue to benefit from a reduced rate, and only in 2010-11 will these cars be placed into the band that corresponds to the car’s CO2 emissions.”

Will you have to pay?

— Check your car’s CO2 emissions on your V5c vehicle registration certificate. It’s on the second page in section 4 under “vehicle details”

— Then check the rate for that emission level on p122 of Chapter A of the supporting documents on the Budget 2008 website: www.hm-treasury.gov.uk/media/2/5/bud08_chaptera.pdf

**There is much I could add, but shall leave it to this lady who summed up perfectly the situation on the Times site:

How can you be expected to buy a new more efficient car when the 'old' new car you have is devalued so much by this rediculous tax.Why not bring it out for new cars next year.My tax has already doubled due to the 10p tax rate going and I can't claim any benefits.Why do I feel conned I wonder?

linda brown, liverpool, england


Old Queen Gordon Brown ticked off by EU.

This is classic, a corrupt to the fucking core organisation like the EU that has not had its accounts signed off for years, thinks that our waste of space PM, the dour old queen Gordon "cyclops" Brown is rather shit at running the UK:

The EU has just publicly ticked him off for bad financial management.

The UK government is heading for a fierce clash with the EU over its spending and borrowing plans, with Brussels rapping it over the knuckles for running an excessive budget deficit this year and next.

Joaquín Almunia, EU economic and monetary affairs commissioner, said today he would propose to start disciplinary measures against the UK on June 11 for breaching the 3% limit on deficits. The commission forecasts that Britain's deficit will be 3.3% in both 2008 and 2009.

The threat from Brussels to recommend measures to cut the deficit is an embarrassment for ministers used to trumpeting Britain as the EU's model economy. But the EU cannot impose financial sanctions as Britain remains outside the eurozone.

Britain, however, joins a blacklist containing just Hungary and Romania among the EU-27 though France remains perilously close to joining it with a forecast 3% deficit in 2009. The French finance ministry rebuts this, sticking to its own forecast of 2.5% this year and 2% in 2009. Italy, cast as the sick man of Europe, escapes censure.

The commission's spring economic forecast, which puts UK growth at 1.7% this year and 1.6% next, argues that Britain will be hit by a marked slowdown in consumer spending exacerbated by tighter credit conditions, falls in the housing market, a squeeze on incomes and zero employment growth. But the fall in the pound will boost exports.

The Treasury, the forecast says, will be hit by lower revenue growth because of weaker earnings, reduced corporate profits and lower housing market activity impacting stamp duties. Indirect tax revenues will grow more slowly as consumers spend more on food which carries lower rates of VAT.

Government debt, Brussels adds, is likely to swell from 42.5% of GDP a year ago to 47.5% by 2009-10, partly as loans to Northern Rock will come onto the Treasury's books next year.

Overall, Almunia forecasts that growth in the EU-27 will slow to 2% this year and 1.8% next and in the 15-strong eurozone to 1.7% and 1.5% because of the US recession, financial market turmoil and the euro's strength. Inflation in the EU is expected to rise to 3.6% this year and in the eurozone to 3.2% due to surging energy and food prices.

But Almunia, who has shaved 0.5% off his growth forecasts since the autumn, insisted that the EU's slowdown would be slighter than in other industrialised countries such as the US and Japan. Even so, the commission admitted that the financial turmoil had proved to be "deeper, wider and longer-lasting" than expected while the US downturn was set to be more pronounced and protracted.

Almunia admitted for the first time that the euro, which hit a record $1.60 briefly last week, is over-valued.

**Remember for a shit economic outlook to vote Labour on May 1st....

Methinks that the old queen in No.10 must be really pissed, he will be sulking and threatening to scratch the eyes out of Joaquín Almunia

Don't forget to vote.

So if you want to see something done get up and vote in the local elections tomorrow.

Not happy with the poor state of your roads, your ever spiraling(upwards) council tax bills, never see your bloody councillor until he/she wants your mark in the box.

Then send the sod their P45 and get out there and do something.

Want more Labour corruption, more sleaze, higher bills next year, more non jobs in the council offices, more "fact finding missions" to tropical paradise nations - at your expense, then sleep in, watch daytime tv and let the fuckers get away with it.

Sadly it is not time to string them up from the public gallows and watch the wasters of our hard earned cash tap their last dance for the hangman(or hanglady have to be pc about things here) but we can deliver a stinging rebuke to corrupt little Hitlerite wanna be's in town halls everywhere.

Oh and give the old queen Gordon Brown a poke in the eye as well...(and that was in no way a subtle remark about the allegations made about Mr Brown being a gay man as repeated in Mr Levy's new book, or even to a gay bukkae session with Mr Mandelson and Tony Blair both aiming for cyclops empty eye socket)

Proven liar upset: Paul Flynn upset at Kate Hoey supporting Boris

Kate can smell the stench of death that is Red Ken, okay sure the counting is not done and a miracle for New Labour scum everywhere may happen and the drunken supporter of Col. Gaddafi, Red Ken may win.

Some more on Red Ken and the Private eye case.

More importantly she can smell the over powering stench of death that hangs around the Labour party, its infighting- one only has to look at Flynn's article below, or even read the book by Lord Levy

He starts off:

Another bid for martyrdom today from the irritating Kate Hoey. She lusts after victimhood and vengeance. Her life is shaped by her sacking after a brief period as a useless Sports Minister.

And this comes from a back bench MP that has never managed to hold a Minister position. Maybe a ministers cock or two, but ministerial office never in a million years as he has shown he lacks both the drive and ability to do the job...

Her Labour roots are superficial and the only party she has backed with passion and knowledge is that of the Orangemen. Her current political mission is to incite her own expulsion from the Labour Party. No opportunity to vote against the Government is missed – even on subjects on which she has no strong views. Her presence is a regular embarrassment to other Labour MPs challenging Government policies.

Rather an MP who votes against a morally corrupt, fiscally corrupt government, than a gutless coward scared to cover the issues that matter. Scared of being deselcted next time Mr Flynn and replaced with a New Labour clone who always votes yes like the fellow turd on the other side of Newport Jessica Morden....

Her of the I am against Post Office closures yet shall vote to close Pos Offices position....

Hilariously today she has accepted Boris Johnson’s stunt invitation to prop up his campaign – as an adviser of the Olympic Games-the bid for which she opposed. The announcement is timed with characteristic malice for maximum effect for Thursday’s mayoral vote.

Maybe so, but we all can see the writting on the wall that Labour are screwed come Thursday. Best get the best life jacket you can and if that means clinging to Boris then so be it...

She is in the pay of the Tory Daily Telegraph and the Countryside Alliance to the tune of £5,000 and £15,000 plus. The Countryside Alliance campaigns in key marginal seats against Labour MPs. On the referendum issue she backed another organization that targeted vulnerable Labour MPs.

Oh I love the infighting, nothing like seeing a desperate failed old MP casting stones at another Labour MP in a sad and frankly rather desperate attempt to curry favour with the chaps at HQ...

There is reluctance in Labour circles to give her the satisfaction of martyrdom. She dreams of the attention. Think of the pained media interviews when she will present herself as the spurned heroine. She will damn the party that made her as intolerant. She will contrive a persona as the principled independent MP. If she was consistent and principled she would resign from the party that she clearly loathes.

But wait you say that she should resign from a party that she loathes, is there not a case of that coming from your good self Mr Flynn. You talk of govt folly on Iraq and Afghanistan yet lack the moral fiber to put your wrinkly old cock on the chopping block and leave the very party who took us into those wars. If you cared as you claim about the Iraqi dead you would do so, even the dead service men and women you mention oh so often.

You talk of government waste on the countryside yet lack the balls to stand up against the EU who produce the vast majority of our subsidy rules for the very farmers you hate. You talk of poor drug policies yet still stay a part of the government that promotes the very policies you complain about on your website.

As for principled, well quite how principled is it to lose a libel case - show the world that you are a proven liar - whilst seeing nothing wrong to stay on as an MP? ...Pot...Kettle...Black...

Candidate Brian Paddick generously described Kate as ‘Bonkers’ ....why so mealy mouthed? Harriet Harman was woeful on London TV claiming that Hoey was supporting Livingstone while simultaneously stabbing him in the back. It’s a difficult call for Labour. Will more harm be done by kicking her out or by letting her linger on as a festering sore?

I am sure that that same line you put in bold in one that central HQ is thinking when come the next election they have to make the choice of de-selecting you for a Jessica Morden style rubber stamp that will always vote yes against losing votes when the embittered old MP realizes the knives are out and turns against Labour...

Only a few more years till the next election when the embittered old queen in No.10 has to go to the nation, then we shall see how Mr Flynn lives up to his so called principles....

**Update: Ken Livingstone has called Kate Hoey "a sort of semi-detached member" of the Labour Party after she has announced that she will work as an advisor to Boris Johnson on sport and the 2012 Olympics should he be elected on Thursday.

This from Ken who originally stood and was elected for London Mayor as an independent, against the official Labour candidate, we then rejoined only by a deal because Labour wanted a winner

Red Ken Livingstone, Paul Flynn both totally detached from reality.


The future for Jacqui Smith.

I have commented much on the dip shit fuckhead cuntbubble that is our dire Home Sec.

Read this: A look ahead for Jacqui Smith....

Genius, pure sick genius.

Ten out of ten and a heart felt well done for that post.

Josef Fritzl jokes.

Will cellars be called "Austrian rooms" by estate agents from now on?

I say, I say I say: What has a bottle of wine and an Austrian woman got in common? They both mature in cellars....

After it emerged that a man locked his daughter in a cellar for 24 years and inflicted beatings and rape, the world reacted with shock upon hearing the news. All except the muslim community who couldn't understand what all the fuss was about...

What's the population of Austria? About twice as many as you'd think

Austrian Women are like good wine....left to mature in a cellar.

Just when you thought that Maddie had won the International hide and seek championship a bloody Austrian romps away with the title with 24 years.

I've just bought this Austrian girls diary off ebay. Its not very interesting it just says:
Monday: Stayed in
Tuesday: Stayed in
Wednesday: Stayed in.

Good news - the austrian cellar rapist is going to face the death penalty. Bad news - John Terry is going to take it

Picture the scene; 1984, a supermarket in Austria.
Josef Fritzl; "Now, Elisabeth, give me a hand with putting these groceries in the trolley."
Elisabeth; "Up yours, Dad! I'm eighteen! I wanna go to the Wham concert with my friends, then see Ghostbusters at the cinema, and there's nothing you can do about it, old man!"
Josef; "Just wait 'till I get you home, young lady! You're gonna get such a hiding..."

Austrian authorities have said that Josef Fritzl has been improving as a father as of late.
In fact, police have said that he has "Been coming into his own".

It's a good job Shannon Matthews was found - imagine finding her in 24 years with 7 kids who look just like her.

After their lifetime of sexual abuse, psychiatrists treating the Fritzl children have decided its best to bring in a Catholic Priest.
Not for spiritual guidance, but to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

I'm sweating like an Austrian at a family reunion.

So, a daughter in the cellar, and an axe murderer in the closet.
I can't help but feel the Austrians are taking the game of Cluedo a little too seriously.

Why don't Austrians care whether their lovers are 4, 14 or 40 years old? Because one size Fritz-all.

You know you're hiding a really dirty secret when instead of having skeletons in the closet, you've got inbred children in the cellar...

You know you've got a shit sex life when some woman locked in a cellar for 24 years is getting it more than you!!.....

Josef Fritzl from Austria had his daughter locked in his cellar for 24 years. If only Karen Matthews could've thought of that.

It has just been revealed that Brian Blessed's wife has been found in a cellar beneath their house. The cellar was completely sound proof. The twist is she built it herself. [Paul Merton]

I have just seen on TV about that Austrian bloke who imprisoned his daughter, sexually abused her and then fathered 7 kids. I think it was called "The Sound Of Music".... Does that make them the Von Trapped family?

Shannon Matthews mum burst into tears when she heard about the locked away Austrian Kids!! She said later ....................All that fuckin wasted child benefit!

If only Adolf had called his mate Josef Fritzl to build his bunker.
The allies would never have found him.

When an Austrian man was asked when he should start to teach his daughter about sex education, he replied "You should keep them in the dark as long as possible."

To be fair to Josef Fritzl, the Austrian fella, he did put his daughter up for adoption, but the childrens' home in Jersey said their cellar was already full.

News reporters have said that All those children who were kept in that Austrian cellar survived entirely on Toast and sandwiches...its a good job they were all interbred !!

Karen Matthews has 7 kids by five different men. Now an Austiran has 5 by his own daughter? Typical. We invent these sports and then Johnny Foreginer goes and beats us at them all

What's Elizabeth Fritzl's favourite vegetable?

Held for twenty four years in a cellar without windows - Elizabeth Fritzl is reported as saying she's looking forward to finally being able to play Minesweeper.

Josef Fritzl Ltd.

Underground Construction Experts.

Previous Clients:
Jersey Boys Home
25 Cromwell St
Jerry McCann Holiday Homes

"Hiding someone from the rest, Josef Fritzl Ltd is the Best!"

Your mother is your sister
Your grandad came and kissed her
He says he can't resist her
The Fritzl family

Your sister is your mother
Your son, he is your brother
You all fuck one another
The Fritzl family

Josef Fritzl is delighted that his sentence has been reduced to 100 hours community service.
He has been ordered to spend it teaching Gerry McCann how to lock a fucking door.

I wonder what Elizabeth Fritzl's children are getting their sister for Mothers Day this year.

Light goes on. Rape. Light goes off. Rape.
Josef Fritzl's daily routine in prison isn't going to change that much from before he was arrested, is it?
Just the roles may be reversed.


Lord Levy & Brown taking it up the ring?

Funniest bit of Lord Levy's book:

...A few weeks afterwards, Tony turned to me as he was towelling down after a swim at my house in North London and remarked: "What am I going to do about Gordon and Mandelson?"

I had by now come to understand that whenever he asked that kind of question, he had a plan in mind – one that almost invariably involved me.

"You're good with people," he said. "Why don't you have a talk with them both, see whether you can patch things up?" I saw Peter first for lunch in the Commons and explained how worried Tony was about the friction between two of the people he most relied on to change Labour and the country.

Peter, who had been on the receiving end of many months of deadly glares from Gordon, said: "It's going to be difficult but if Tony wants us to have a go at patching things up, of course I'm ready to do anything I can."

Buoyed, if still not confident, I then arranged to have lunch with Gordon.

We met on a Wednesday in a crowded top-floor restaurant in Millbank, a few minutes' walk from Parliament.

Gordon was friendly – at least until I explained my mission.

"Make up with Peter?" he hissed in an angry whisper.

Then, as his voice gradually rose from dispatch-box volume to a near shout, he exclaimed: "Peter? He's been going around telling everyone that I'm gay! And I am NOT GAY!"

Dozens of people looked around in astonishment, no doubt assuming that I had tried – and thankfully failed – to proposition the Shadow Chancellor.

**Now there is an image I would rather not picture!

Gordon relaxes with an old "friend"....

Tales about Mr Brown being a, ahem "mans man" have been doing the rounds for some years. Sure he is married and has kids, but well Rock Hudson was also married. I shall have to defer to Peter Mandelson's greater expertise at spotting gays, what is often referred to as "gaydar".

The fact that according to Mr Levy it was Tony Blair who wanted a meeting to sort out problems shows how bad the atmosphere must have been. Nothing worse than an embittered old queen, staring daggers at someone they dislike totally, causing an atmosphere in the workplace, the deadly silences, snide bitchy remarks....

It really must have been hell for both Blair and Peter Mandelson to put up with Gordon.

Although it does explain a lot, the mood swings, the shouting at staff, stories of mobiles being thrown, his inability to make decisions(pink or brown in Gordon's case), the fact that he has to live a lie with Mrs Brown and deny his needs.

Sadly the rest of us have to put up with the fact that an embittered old queen is running the nation.

Sadly he can not now come out having denied rumours when asked about that by Sue Lawley on BBC Radio's show Desert Island Discs
. After all he would not want to be thought of as a liar, heaven forbid that that should happen!

Still at least Gordon can relax now that he has been outed, besides he is not the first gay to hold the office of Prime Minister.


Michael Foster - Pushing 1984 style politics.

The Labour MP for Hastings and Rye, Michael Foster, has called for members of the BNP to be banned from working in the public services, after it was revealed that the Department of Work and Pensions had granted permission to two of its employees to stand for the party in the forthcoming council elections.

A Labour MP is urging Gordon Brown to ban members of the BNP from working on services dealing with the public after it was revealed that the Department for Work and Pensions has given permission for two civil servants to stand for the party in next week's local elections.

Michael Foster, MP for Hastings, is taking up the issue after the Public and Commercial Services union objected to Frank Swayne standing in Hastings and Daniel Thorlby standing in an inner city ward in Newcastle upon Tyne. Foster said yesterday: " It is outrageous that the DWP should have allowed these people to stand and I am asking the prime minister to look at this. We should follow the example of the police who do not employ members of the BNP because they would be perceived to be racist when dealing with the public."

Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the PCS, plans to launch an attack on the department's decision at the Love Music, Hate Racism rally in Victoria Park, east London, on Sunday. He will say: "This department is supposed to be about helping some of the most vulnerable people in society, and promoting equality. How can it possibly be right for active BNP members to be working there?"

Swayne handles claims from single parents at the Hastings Child Support Agency office while Thorlby handles pensions claims in Newcastle.

A DWP spokesman said: "Standing for election as a local councillor is, for a civil servant at this level, permitted by the civil service management code."

**Does he not grasp free speech, the right to express a view different to that rubber stamped by New Labour and the EU? The right of free speech and free assembly, as well as the right to hold whatever views one wishes is one of the cornerstones of our nation.

Mr Fosters party has eroded those rights for so long since gaining power that they now fail to even see comments like his as a problem. Since when did joining the BNP mean that they should have to lose their job?

Were that a Tory making a comment about sacking from his company who was standing for New Labour the howls of outrage would be heard from every Labour MP..

Maybe he should cast his small mind back to the days when people in this nation had to fight for the right to vote, the right to join a union. I could make a comparison with the Chartists and many others but fear it would be lost on Mr Foster.

Poverty causes crime. Amy Winehouse as an example.

How to debunk this socialist myth in two seconds:

Point one:Amy Winehouse joins 'rich list'

Point two:Winehouse arrested over 'assault'

Environment Crime Unit - Hull's fascists.

From the Torygraph;

A single mother has been fined £75 for "littering" after her daughter dropped a piece of sausage roll on the pavement.

Sarah Davies, 20, was feeding Chloe, four, when the roll slipped from her grasp inches from her daughter's mouth and fell to the floor.

The incident happened in Hull city centre on Monday and a fixed penalty fine arrived in the post just three days later.

Miss Davies said that pigeons swooped down to eat the remains just moments later.

She said: "I had just picked up Chloe from nursery. We were both hungry so I got us a sausage roll to share. I had a bite and then bent down to give a bit to Chloe who was on her bike.

“A tiny bit missed her mouth and fell on the floor and seconds later some pigeons flew down and grabbed it. I crossed the road and was approached by two men - at first I thought they were canvassers as they were dressed in tracksuit bottoms.

“But one came up to me, said he was from the council and said I was going to be fined for dropping litter.”

She added: “I felt really small and humiliated. I was treated like I was a criminal. Where is the common sense? It was a small, bite-sized piece - just big enough for her mouth.

“I went back to take a picture of the 'litter’, but it had been gobbled by pigeons. There was no litter there at all.”

Hull City Council confirmed a fixed penalty ticket had been issued by a member of its Environment Crime Unit.

A spokeswoman for Hull City Council said: “The issuing of the fixed penalty notice is the result of the mother’s actions and not as a result of child’s.”

Fucking Hell, this is the sort of shit that you read about happening in repressive third world fuckholes, socialist nightmare states like Cuba. Yet it happens here in the UK, the nation that exported democracy to much of the world.

Then again we do have a state that spies on its own citizens, we are rapidly becoming the new East Germany.

Two cunts jobs worths in tracksuit bottoms - at least the Stasi had decent uniforms - from the 1984 sounding ‘Environment Crime Unit’ then report her for the heinous crime of dropping a few crumbs.

Lets hope that the good citizens of Hull who pay for these fascists out of their taxes vote out the dickheads who set up the Environment Crime Unit.

Utter cunts one and all.

Labour smear tactics start. Paul Flynn, Andrew Cooksey and the forgotten libel case.

Local liar and libel case loser Paul Flynn starts on Andrew Cooksey, a candidate for the Rogerstone ward, was dismissed from Spring Care Centre as care worker in 1997 for rude behaviour. He is backed up in the attack by Newport West Labour AM Rosemary Butler.

Flynn starts on him here

Although it is very strange how he(Flynn) says nothing of his own libel case and having to pay damages to a company that he defamed.

From Flynn's wikipedia page

He agreed to pay out more than £36,000 to settle a libel action brought against him by a complaints handling firm that specialises in endowment mortgages. Flynn's solicitor told the High Court that the MP was retracting allegations he had made against Endowment Justice, a company that works on behalf of borrowers who believe they have been mis-sold endowment-linked mortgages. Endowment Justice launched legal proceedings against Flynn after he criticised the growing number of complaints against handling firms. The company had previously held talks with Flynn over its concerns about bad practices at several complaints handling firms. But Flynn subsequently named Endowment Justice in accusations he made about the whole sector. Flynn agreed to pay Endowment Justice's legal costs of £35,450, plus £1,000 in damages, which the company has said it will donate to the NSPCC.He also agreed to publish an apology on his website. (since removed by the way)

How nice to see Labour digging the dirt even if it is ten years old whilst ignoring the dire antics of a second rate libel case loser that sees nothing wrong with carrying on as MP after being shown up as a liar.

John Harris: What a cunt

More wankery from the Grauniad, where a cunt called John Harris has a cry about bad language: link

Boo Hoo Gordon Ramsay, blah fucking blah.

Followed by some drivel about rising levels of swearing on tv and a fucking tenuous connection to the decline of civilisation.

He whines forth:
but to understand that vocabulary speaks volumes about prevailing social conditions, and that all our swearing says something very powerful about what a mutually contemptuous, atomised, inarticulate society we're becoming

If anyone is to blame for declines in our civilization it would be his fellow trendy lefties in the New Labour government that has over the last 10+ years attempted to destroy all aspects of our live, remove our customs and traditions, flooded the nation state with illiterate barbarians, tried stamp us into good EU citizens, encouraged the rise of Asian ghettos in our inner cities whilst providing services in their languages and removing the need to even speak English. Shown a softness for crime and encouraged a blame someone else me first culture. Everyone has "rights" and yet no responsibilities to others around them.

And run down our services, taxed us to the hilt whilst grasping MP's blag as much from the public purse as they can.

So to blame the behavior of young men swearing(as he does) in Starbucks on telly swearing is simplistic and wrong. In short complete and utter horse cock.

He then attempts to say that Americans and others would be offended by our tv swearing:
...take someone from any one of a number of countries - though the US is probably the best bet - and show them what pours out of the average British box post-watershed, from Big Brother's Big Mouth to Pulling, The F Word and The Apprentice. They'll probably be appalled, and I understand why. Time, perhaps, for a little Victorian restraint - and I don't think it makes you a crackfart to say so.
Probably not offended at the swearing but at the dire stuff that clogs up the majority of our tv schedules. I object to Big Brother not for the swearing but for the fact that I think it is boredom turned into tv filler time. As for Ramsey, well I avoid all cookery programs on principle nothing to do with him calling someone a cunt or fucker.

There is a simple choice if you don't like it, then turn the tv the fuck off.

Although I would watch John Harris being told to fuck off whilst being gang raped by herd of elephants.

New Labour - Thought police (UK Criminal Justice Bill)

Analysis If you use the internet for any purpose that might be construed as other than respectable – be afraid. Be very afraid.

Almost unreported, the UK Criminal Justice Bill is slowly wending its way toward becoming law. It includes a section (Clause 63) on "extreme pornographic images" that may, or may not, affect a very large proportion of the adult population in the UK. But that – the Bill's uncertain scope – is part of the problem.

On Monday 21 April, the Bill returned to the House of Lords for further debate. Lib Dem peer Baroness Miller brought forward a set of amendments that would effectively have removed the extreme porn clause from the Bill.

She pointed out that the evidence linking pornography with violence was weak and that the new rules would be out of kilter with the Obscene Publications Act. In her speech, the Baroness commented that "the Minister is in danger of leading his Government into becoming the thought police... we do not have any evidence to justify an intrusion in people's lives".

Further, "the Government's contention is that by viewing it [extreme porn] people are more likely to commit violent offences. Therefore, they justify walking into people's bedrooms and turning them into criminals simply for viewing something."

Labour peer, Lord McIntosh of Haringey added: "What does it matter to the Government whether what we have in our homes for our own purposes is for sexual arousal or not? What is wrong with sexual arousal anyway? That is not a matter for Parliament or government to be concerned about."

Despite considerable support from all sides for the amendment, the House voted to keep the clause in the Bill (66 votes to 30). According to the conventions of the House, Baroness Miller will not be able to resubmit the same amendments at 3rd Reading.

She will, however, introduce a new amendment. As the Bill stands, someone could be charged for owning images of acts that are lawful, but which could be construed as extreme pornography. The Minister made very weak commitments to address this problem. Baroness Miller will introduce an amendment that provides a proper defence for those who possess pornographic images of lawful acts.

As matters stand, there are two serious issues with the proposal. The first is the wholly uncertain scope of the offence. A Ministry of Justice impact assessment suggested that in the first year, there might be 30 prosecutions under the extreme porn provisions (Criminal Justice And Immigration Bill Regulatory Impact Assessments, Ministry of Justice, June 2007).

If true, this is unlikely to make the slightest dent on an industry worth billions of pounds in the UK alone.

On the other hand, experts reckon that up to two million people could have such images on their computers – often unaware that they breach the law. In many instances, pictures could be downloaded to cache the moment an individual opens a blog. They might not even be aware of what they had downloaded: but they would have a very hard time proving that. This raises the spectre of police unable to prosecute someone on another unrelated matter taking a peek at their hard drive to see if they can get them for possession of porn.

The second issue is the role of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) – and an almost inevitable increase in "prior restraint" on websites. At present, a degree of low-level internet censorship is carried out by the IWF. This is a shadowy and unelected industry body. The IWF has taken it upon itself to lead the fight against child porn, by maintaining watch lists of websites that are potential sources of such material.

Sites on these lists are incorporated into blocking software, such as Cleanfeed: and they are then blocked by most ISPs. The ordinary user will be told simply that the site is now "unavailable". Meanwhile, the site owner will only be aware that something is up when traffic to their site drops off. Fair enough if they are indeed disseminating child porn. Not so fair, if their business is perfectly legitimate: for they are effectively guilty until they can prove themselves innocent – and this may take weeks.

If child porn leads the IWF to recommend blocking a few thousand sites, stand by for that list to grow by many tens of thousands. At least the subject mattter of child porn is reasonably objectively defined. But "extreme"? Particularly when the IWF guiding principle seems to be: when in doubt, recommend a ban. Many small site owners will find themselves closed down and if they are not aware of the role of the IWF – and many are not – they will never know why. ®

Story from The Register - Another point that shows that New Labour regard George Orwell's book 1984 not as a work of fiction but as a valid and good(in their narrow statist, puritanical mindset) way to run the UK.


New Labour - Importing criminal scum.

**Now New Labour even import rapists and criminals from abroad.

A murderer and serial rapist deported to Britain from Australia at the end of his prison sentence just four months ago has been charged with an appalling sex attack on a pensioner.

The 50-year-old man was born in Britain but had lived in Australia since he was two.

He was kicked out under that country's tough policy on foreigners who abuse their residency.

Police had voiced concerns that he would re-offend but lack of resources meant he could not be placed under 24-hour surveillance.

He is alleged to have attacked a woman in her 70s in a central London street earlier this month, attempting to rape her and stabbing her in the hands and face.

The victim was hospitalised for days. He was arrested days later after police seized CCTV footage from near the scene.

He appeared in court earlier this week accused of causing grievous bodliy harm, attempted rape and two other sex assault charges.

He will remain in custody until his trial.

Last night, an inquiry was launched into the incident, which raises serious questions about the ability of the police and probation service to monitor dangerous offenders expelled to Britain.

Although the man had spent virtually all his life Down Under, Australia's tough immigration policies, which contrast starkly with the softly-softly approach adopted in Britain, meant he had to leave the country after he finished his sentence.

The man emigrated with his family to Australia in 1960.

He was convicted of murder in the early 1990s and served 16 years in prison.

Previously he had been jailed for six rapes, all on elderly women, which took place all over Australia, including in Canberra and Queensland.

He was released from prison last August and escorted back to Heathrow by Australian police in December.

The man was handed over to British detectives and probation officers and moved to accommodation in East London, where he was kept under supervision.

The murder in Australia was committed just weeks after he finished a long jail term for rape, and risk assessments suggested there was a strong possibility he would re-offend after his return to the UK.

The suspect was living above a pub in East London when he was arrested over the attack.

He had told staff there that he had been deported from Australia and was back in Britain "on licence".

They are now asking why they were not told he was a convicted killer and rapist.

They said arresting officers told them: "We couldn't tell anyone because it may breach his human rights."

The suspect is one of a number of British-born offenders who have been expelled by the Australian authorities after spending most of their lives Down Under.

**Strange they can never kick scum out of this nation - thanks to Mr Blair/Brown's Human Rights Act - an you can bet that no politician will be stepping forward to apologize to the victim for their rights being abused by this imported scum.

So if you want more imported scum remember to vote New Labour come the local election.

Gun Crime - New Labour soft on crime & soft on the causes of crime.

The number of firearms offences in England and Wales has risen in the last year, according to Home Office figures released on Thursday.

There has been a 3% climb in gun crime, following a 2% rise the previous year, the figures show.

The statistics also show a 35% rise in crimes involving imitation weapons.

Earlier in the month, six people were shot in the space of an hour during incidents in London and Bristol. Two people were killed in the London incident.

Shadow Home Secretary David Davis said the government had let gun crime get out of hand.

"No amount of government spin will hide the fact that violent crime is out of control," he said. "We now have record levels of gun crime, rocketing sex offences, a further 14% increase in violent crime and overall crime is nearly 750,000 higher than 1998."

Jan Berry, chairman of the Police Federation, called for more and better trained armed police to counter gun crime.

**Strange how talk tough, do nothing government can sit back in their safe ghettos whilst having guards to protect them. As for the rest of us well fuck us basicly, so long as we vote Labour they are quite happy for us to be gunned down.

Meanwhile kebab muncher and dire Home Secretary Jacqui Smith hailed the figures as “excellent” and vowed “severe punishment” for gun criminals.

She said: “ Thankfully, gun crime remains rare in this country.”

Right so lets see what she means by this being excellent. Gun crime increases and more people get shot as a result, whilst she lives in some la la fantasy world.

As for the gun crime remains rare, if that is the case how come the figures are up?

Maybe she could argue that to the 49 people killed by guns or would she spin it arguing that the figure is down by 7 on the last year.

Maybe she has got a case of CJD affecting what passes for her brain from the kebab's she eats?

Lets hope next time she is out and about pontificating on how things are perfect in New Labour's "Cool Britannia" that she has a gun fired at her. Bet she will pass some decent laws in record time...


Gordon Brown meets Icelands PM Geir Haarde. A Deliverance moment....

Gordon and Geir(who reminds me of Herr Lipp the gay German from the League of Gentlemen) have a Brokeback Mountain moment....

Although cyclops always reminds me of the inbred played by Herbert 'Cowboy' Coward in the film Deliverance.

One can just see cyclops firing off the immortal lines in No.10 with David Milliband.

Cyclops: He's got a real pretty mouth on him, don't he?
Miliband: Ain't that the truth.
Cyclops: You gonna do some prayin' for me, boy. And you better pray real good.

Izzat Him? Izzat Ibrahim al-Duri maybe captured???

From the Telegraph:
A man resembling Izzat Ibrahim al-Duri, the vice-chairman of Saddam's Ba'ath party and the King of Clubs on America's "deck of cards" most-wanted list, was said to have been taken into custody by Iraqi forces.

Al-Arabiya television said that the man was caught in Hamrin between the provinces of Salaheddin and Kirkuk and was moved to Baghdad where he was said to have been handed over to US forces. DNA tests are being conducted to confirm his identity, the report added.

Duri tops the Iraqi government's current list of most-wanted fugitives.
Some say it is him others that it is a false report, still a chance for a cheap Izzat him joke! If it is a rope and a strong tree branch will soon remove the world of another murdering scumbag, such a shame that our PM will not be joining him in the gallows dance...

Link to Terry Watch

Some humour related to Scotlands least favorite cabbage, Councilor Terry Kelly.

For more background check out Terrywatch

I am a bit late running this but even so it is always fun to mock a socialist like TK...First up the parody from Terry Watch:
Oh and Terry was a tad miffed about this from C4: Link to Conservative Mind

I was rather flattered to see my pic that I did(featured below) appear in Sir C4's tribute to Terry.Tags:


New Labour - Knife the working man in the back. My story.

We have heard much of late from the unelected one eye'd leader about how he and his party is helping the poor in our society.

Well there is one group that Gordon and co do not help, that is the married man who earns less than 18K per year and who has no kids.

Got two incomes -even if one is part time - and its fuck you, no tax credits or state help for you. However pop out a sprog or twelve - including token brown baby - and its benefits galore.

Again work over so many hours and its a fuck you to you.

No help with utility bills, no help with Jack fucking shit.

So we end up getting the shitty end of the stick and we are not alone, we pay full council tax, no rebates for us - unlike the lucky MP's like for example puker bulimia Prescott.

Fall behind with bills, having a hard time with price rises, well its fuck off from Labour to me and many more like me.

Best slap to the face from New Labour was the other year, my partner was out of work for more than six months. Then its no money for her(her JSA- Job Seekers Allowance was stopped) and no help for me as - my wage was just above the cut off point and I did too many hours(as detailed above).

So I have had to slog my ass off doing 45-65 hours a week to cover all the bills, whilst seeing Labour MP's blagging freebies by the fucking ton, whilst taking the moral cunting high ground and pontificating about how good every one has got it.

No travel allowances for me, no food bills covered like what our MP's get. Maybe some Labour scumfuck fuckhead will explain exactly how when after paying out all my wages and I have just enough left to cover my sodding travel into work for the next week, that I am so cunting lucky to be living under cunting New cunting Labour?!!

The shiftless freebie blagging cunts should try working in a cunting fucking call centre, doing 8-10+ hours a cunting day, taking crap off cunting managers whilst listening to whiney cunts on the phone all day. Never ha ppen, they love the freebies and easy life to much than to risk letting the real world interfere with their socialist fantasy world in The Commons.

Ironic joke was that I was informed by some clerk for the DSS at the time she was laid off that should we "split up" or were we to separate then they would pay her benefits - even if we lived under the same roof! Sort of explains why the numbers of married people has gone into freefall here in the UK.

May sound old fucking fashioned, but I did not want to separate or divorce, least of all to blag some benefits from the one eye'd cunt Gordon.

An old fashioned principle called pride and self fucking reliance. Hell I figured that as I sodding tax payer I was deserving of some pay back of my hard earned wages over the years. It would appear not.

After all expenses for Labour MP's don't come cheap, so it was fuck off to me and millions like me.

So on top of all the stealth taxes, council tax rises, utility bill rises. Labour ignore the traditional working class married couple.

Come May 1, my cross shall be with the Tories.

Fuck Labour, fuck socialism and most of all fuck that amoral one eye'd cunt Gordon cunting Brown, the cunt.

The unelected, cowardly, calvinistic, dour, statist, puritanical, bland, cyclopedian dot on this world(to para-phrase dictator Robert Mugabe)...

As for the benefits - that I did not get - well fuck them. As for me its too late for Labour to ever repair the damage they did to me and mine, I made the mistake of wasting my vote once, that won't be happening again.

They would rather help migrants, people in the third world and piss away money on white elephant projects than tinker the tax system to help married working folk. Hell the cunts even bale out the sodding banks to the tune of 50 billion notes.

Thankfully I am getting out of the fiscal hole that I blame that one eye'd cunt Brown for. Not there yet, hell of a long way to be going, but getting there.

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Gordon Brown - to fly St George flag - has the cunt no shame?

Having refused us a vote on Lisbon, now sitting(unelected) in No.10 and watching over the tearing apart of our nation this amoral one eye'd cunt is now going to fly St George's flag.

This from a man who has promoted every culture except that of the native people, who has opened our shores to one and all, who has pushed a multi-cultural blandness with no signs of proper tradition left.

Who has done his level best to wipe out English and Welsh culture, now wants to fly St Georges flag.

What a fucking shameless cunt that man is.

**Oh and whilst the cunt has the nerve to fly the flag, St George marches get cancelled here in the UK by the looney left - made up of cunts who vote Labour: St George march cancelled

A St George's Day parade through an inner-city area hit by race riots has been cancelled following police advice.

Community groups had planned to stage the multi-cultural event in Bradford and 1,500 schoolchildren were due to take part.

Many of the youngsters had already made flags of St George to carry on the parade on April 23, which was designed to boost community cohesion.

But last week police and council chiefs told the organisers that the event could not go ahead as planned for 'health and safety' reasons. At a meeting, police demanded a shorter route which avoided two streets at the centre of the race riots in 2001.

As a result, organisers have decided to call off the event, which due to attract more than 10,000 people.

Bradford City councillor Quasim Khan(sounds like a local lad) said: "We were told by the police at the meeting that the original route had not been risk assessed and if we wanted a march to go ahead on that date, St George's Day, we would have to accept a smaller, different route....


New Labour - Wiping out the UK.

All of this was signed up for by Bottler Brown & David Milicunt when they signed the Treaty of Lisbon.

They have recreated a latter day Norman Empire.

The new European plan splits England into three zones that are joined with areas in other countries.

The "Manche" region covers part of southern England and northern France while the Atlantic region includes western parts of England, Portugal, Spain and Wales.

The North Sea region includes eastern England, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and parts of Germany.

A copy of the map, which makes no reference to England or Britain, has even renamed the English Channel the "Channel Sea".

Each zone will have a "transnational regional assembly", although they will not have extensive powers. However, the zones are regarded as symbolically important by other countries.

Cunts, utter fucking amoral nation destroying cunts. They took us into the former EEC as a trading parter, not a fucking word about some 70%+ of our laws being drafted and dreamed up by Eurabian bean counters.

They can call it what ever they please, no way am I part of some fucking euro-zone.

Time for a hanging party methinks...

John Prescott & bulemia.

So John "2 Jags" Prescott has come out and admitted to bulemia. Well it would be cheap and tacky of me to extract the piss out of bulemia and people who suffer from it and it in main I would not....

Then again, its John Prescott. Not a chance am I going to miss passing this one up, although not passing up in a Prescott way....

It might go some way to explaining the £4000 a year food bill at his Admiralty Arch apartment, just think of all that taxpayer funded food being puked up, personally I think he was misdiagnosed.

Symptoms of bulemia:

Bulemia - Extreme weight loss over a short period of time. Nope not our John.
Bulemia - Malnutrition (due to extreme lack of food). Nope - see the four grand nosh bill.
Bulemia - Depression and self-hatred. Well I hate the fucker, so thats a start.
Bulemia - Headaches and bloodshot eyes. He gives me a headache thats for sure and he has got bloodshot eyes.
Bulemia - Fatigue. Well he hauls a lot of flab about....
Bulemia - Obsession with body weight and appearance. Hardly, one can't see Prescott pumping iron down at the local gym.

Although he has commented on his enjoyment of chowing down on large amounts of Chinese food at his local Chinese Mr Chu's.
Whenever I go to Mr Chu’s in Hull, my favourite Chinese restaurant in the whole world, great atmosphere, great people, I could eat my way through the entire menu.
Get that comment from lardy himself.

I could eat my way through the entire menu.

That is gluttony, nothing else but. As political site Guido comments:

The Romans knew the joy of orgies of over-eating followed by vomiting. Cicero, in Pro Rege Deiotaro, records that Julius Caesar "expressed a desire to vomit after dinner" (vomere post cenam te velle dixisses), and says that the dictator took emetics for this purpose.

I wonder if Prescott has ever considered getting a vomitorium fitted - at taxpayers expense of course- for that express purpose. Then the pig could quite happily lay down in the Roman manner, eat and drink whilst fornicating his way through his female staff. Follow that up with a bout of Roman style puking to make room for some more stuffed dormice in honey and another amphorae or six of the finest wine.

Bulemia my arse, he is out to sell his piss poor book and looking for an angle to market it. I say he was a fat gluttonous pig in the past and remains a fat gluttonous pig to this very day.

**Correction, here we see John working out: Video of John Prescott's exercise.

**Although according to The Sun he has got a small cock, some 2 inches, that's 5.08 centimeters(for europeans out there)

At the third stroke... Call for Mecca time...

You will be amputated of a head or hand....

It will be the dark ages....

You will be stoned to death...
Muslim scientists and clerics have called for the adoption of Mecca time to replace GMT, arguing that the Saudi city is the true centre of the Earth.
Well no, its not the centre of the Earth. Mecca, like London is a point on the surface and just as valid as any other for a time zone. This is the centre of the Earth... Ok, I am being pedantic...

New Labour's Britain: Bin Crime

A householder has been left with a £225 bill and a criminal conviction after over-filling his bin.

Gareth Wilson-Corkhill, of Whitehaven, Cumbria, was initially given a written warning by officers from Copeland borough council. But when he re-offended six months later, they fined him £110.

When Mr Wilson-Corkhill refused to pay, he was taken to court where magistrates found him guilty of failing to comply with the Environmental Protection Act. They ordered him to pay a £15 surcharge and £100 prosecution costs.

The 26-year-old claims that the bin was overfilled by four inches, although the council says it was "more like six". The father of three said: "I'm more annoyed now that I know I've got a criminal conviction. I might go for a job interview and be better than someone else, but the employer will see that I'm officially a criminal.

"If I'd just gone and thrown all the rubbish over a field I'd have got an £80 fine. It's laughable." He added: "We recycle everything we can, including plastics, cardboard, tins, glass and paper."

A spokesman for Copeland council said Mr Wilson-Corkhill had been issued with an extra-large bin. "What we have to get across to people is that central government is asking us to reach strict targets on recycling. If we don't achieve them, we will be heavily fined."

One in three councils refuse to empty bins unless the lid is fully closed.

Read the rest here: here

Now I am of an age when I can remember bin men/waste operatives or whatever the job title is these days, picking up the old metal bin - none of your fancy plastic then - and they did it once a week as well, rather than once a sodding fortnight.

Again this has sod all to do with bins/rubbish/the environment or even rules from central government. It is however all about slapping down anyone who dare to fight the council rules, landing them with a fine and a record to boot.

The nazi's on the council even defend their actions here.

Remember you now exist to follow council dictates and to pay willingly for all expenses paid trips by councilors/council staff to various parts of the world, not to dictate what your council/parish council what they may or may not do.

Translating from cyclops to English.

Unelected PM Gordon "Cyclops" Brown said:

"We can't have a Budget defeated. We have a responsibility to listen, to hear, to understand, but we also have a responsibility – all of us – to unite."

He meant:

"How dare you common plebs dare complain over a decision that I made with regards removing the 10p tax band. I am the leader of the party - true an unelected leader by the people of the UK, but then fuck them. Go against me and the party shall fall and it will all be your fault. Not mine as I am never to be held to account but yours, yours alone.

Besides following my other prudent decisions to piss away our gold reserves some years ago I have now also decided to shore up the banks to the tune of £50 billion.

Thus meaning that the simple choice was either to help rich multi-nationals or the gutter scum populace of this nation. As you will all agree come the next election and I de-select all who voted against me - starting with Frank Field - that was a simple and correct choice."

Translation ends....

Feeling Flushed? Moslems killed by tidal wave of shit.

One has to ask quote who lives next to an eleven meter wall of shite & piss? Moslems of course.

I have to admit to laughing at this, listen out for the classic phrase "a tsunami of sewage..." What a mental image that does create...

If you can play Ogg Vorbis files, grab this

Hat tip to John of Gwent

Guess who fell asleep in history class?

I like this, I really do....
A Homer Simpson D'oh moment!

Quote of the week:

Andrew MacKinlay, the MP for Thurrock, said that Brown was like a
"rabbit trapped in the headlights of a car"

Would that the car would hit the cunt and save the nation from the unelected, cowardly, calvinistic, dour, statist, puritanical, bland, cyclopedian dot on this world(to para-phrase dictator Robert Mugabe)...
Here we see unelected Gordon Brown resting is eyes, or should that be eye! Hard at work representing the people of the UK at the UN....

**Followed by this gem from Lord Desai about Gordon's style, or lack of...
"porridge, or maybe haggis; it is not very persuasive if you don't already agree with him."

He also quipped...

"Gordon Brown was put on earth to remind people how good Tony Blair was,"

The socialist "Brain"

For a prime example of this, check out the anti-semite, anti American, pro Castro, terrorist hugger that is Councillor Terry Kelly

Shannon Matthews case..

A case that has a huge "what the fuck!" factor. I have held off covering this so far as it is getting more bizarre by the day. To be honest - its like a bumper edition of Jerry Springer along with watching your beloved society crash and burn around your ears - all in slow motion.

We have the bovine featured chavscum Karen Matthews who is accused - along with various members of her extended family - of abducting Shannon, a partner is also on trial separately possession of kiddie porn on his pc.

Christ knows who else will be charged next and with what?

But anyway back to the mother Karen. She is according to the media 32, but fuck me time has not been kind to her.

According to the various media stories she has 7 offspring by god alone knows how many partners, has fiddled the dole and her main interests - other than breeding that is - appear to be cheap booze and smokes.

Karen who first came to the nations attention pleading for daughter Shannon's return and being emotive on tv struck a chord with the nation. Needless to say that when her involvement was alleged matters changed somewhat!

Now she held as a guest of HM for her own protection from the local estate where she lives, due to them wasting their time looking for the offspring she had hidden away all along.

If ever there is a case where you need to take a damn close look at society, how it is financed and the entire meaning of what being a citizen in the UK means then this is it.

According to this link.

She got the idea from a TV program. Can't really comment on that having never watched Shameless(the program in question) - although the plot went like this:
In it, the teenage daughter of Frank Gallagher, the head of a dysfunctional family, staged the fake kidnap of his youngest son, Liam, in an attempt to obtain a £500,000 ransom. All along, Liam was hidden a few doors away with a friend of his sister.
Anyway my main point here is that we have somehow financed a generation - now heading towards two - that don't work, won't work and find every reason under the sun - including breeding - not to work.

Karen Matthews is a symptom of a society in freefall. She has all the kids, all they need is provided by benefits from the state, their abode is also via the state, she(according to the press) works on the side for extra income, whilst fathers are there just to provide sperm and another benefits cheque from the taxpayers.

Extras like dental work - that I and other workers have to pay for - she and her ever expanding brood get for free.

As much as I could blame Karen 100% for this situation, listening to her she is not the brightest tool in the box. However she is bright enough to work out how to use her one skill - breeding - to provide a home and fags an booze for herself.

Some years ago the previous PM our beloved grinning fool Tony "Honest sorta guy" Blair got MP Frank Field to look at benefits. Frank Field although a Labour MP, is one of the few in the Commons who says what he thinks.

He put forth lots of good ideas, encouraging single mothers back to work, workfare like they have in the USA and reforms of the cradle to grave - state provides all - welfare state. What happened next was that for whatever reason Blair ditched the plan and Frank Field along with it.

Sadly we have a nation where people are being wasted and in that I include Shannon's mother Karen. Where they are encouraged to be dependent on the state, where indolence and feckless behavior are rewarded.

If our government truely believed in freedom of the individual, they would encourage some self respect - something that can not be gained through benefits handouts - and bring in a workfare system.

After all looking at it from an employers position, which one would I employ. A. The mother of 7 who has done jack shit or B/ The mother of seven who has done workfare and shows that she wants to get back into society, provide for her offspring.

Think the answer is obvious. Sadly Labour lack the guts to tackle the problem.

Getting back to Karen I see a point after she has done her time when she appears on daytime/chavscum tv bleating on, her bovine features filled with woe and false emotion. Blaming everyone else bar herself and wanting her income providers-Shannon and other kids by various sperm providers - back off of the state.

Closely followed by a book deal - needless to say she will having that written for her - and another argument with the social security where she claims that she did not get paid for the book/tv interviews...