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Bashing Bob Ainsworth, the game the whole nation can play: Its all our fault.

Well this bashing Bob "the knob" Ainsworth game is bloody easy, all I have to do is sit back and Bob writes the stuff for me.

Dim witted Bob has come up with yet another clanger and claimed that the British public has a defeatist attitude. That would be the same public who stood by the troops in every war, saw off the Germans and just carried on through IRA bombing.

Bob the knob Ainsworth does it again: Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth has accused the Brtish public of adopting a ‘defeatist’ atttitude to the military effort in Afghanistan.
Mr Ainsworth claimed that troops in Afghanistan were not receiving the proper backing from the ‘home front’ as they carry out their mission to defeat the Taliban.
The Defence Secretary also hit out at critics who have accused the Government of failing to properly equip the Armed Forces in Afghanistan.
Yep, apparently piss poor supply chains are not the problem, but its all down to lack of support back here in Blighty.
In a swipe at the Conservative party, Mr Ainsworth said that the military effort in Afghanistan was ‘too important’ to be used as a political football.

However, his refusal to take any blame and his attempts to paint opposition MPs as unpatriotic are set to cause outrage.
Oh yes, the major problem is the useless none too fecking bright tool appointed as Defence Sec.

Mr Ainsworth has come under intense criticism over recent weeks from MPs and senior military figures over the resources available to commanders in Afghanistan.

Bob "the knob" Ainsworth who is on his hols, is now playing the blame everyone except Bob card. No doubt he be claiming that the troops who he has attempted to reduce payments after they have been wounded are also part of the problem.

You have to hand it to Labour, when it comes to fucking up a war they do a spot on job. Cut the numbers of troops, have no overall mission plan, deprive the troops of the equipment and cut their compensation when they get wounded.

Bob has pissed about whilst vehicles needed on the ground are mothballed. Then we have Bob's attitude to complaints, when he was accused of treating troops with contempt after he dismissed complaints about life-threatening kit shortages as "absolute bollocks".

Bob Ainsworth made the obscene remark during a Commons debate about the problems facing soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Last Thursday's edition of Hansard, the official record of Parliamentary proceedings, records in column 608 how he aggressively interrupted a Tory speaker.

Mr Ainsworth is the first MP to have used the word in the main chamber, according to Hansard's records, which go back more than 200 years.

Bashing Bob the fun family game. Yet more Bob bashing.

I have done some bashing of Bob "the knob" before, here and also here. Bob who loves his expenses an who has it in for the troops. Who can be compared to Gen. Melchett from Blackadder and who is overseeing the biggest defence cuts since the Crimea.

Bob also likes a moan:
"I'm such a victim, people attack me over my accent, my moustache... and because I'm no intellectual, moans Bob "the knob" Ainsworth.
No Bob they attack for the lack of moral fibre, the inability to do the job that he is paid a bloody good wage to do - unlike the troops on the front line who do a fine job despite the best efforts of Ainsworth to fuck it all up.

Just one question for Bob "the knob", if as he claims its lack of support here on the home front that is the problem then why do so many people turn out to show respect to soldiers killed abroad when the bodies come home? Also how many funerals have you shown up at Ainsworth?

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