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Nat West (provide bloody shoddy) Home Insurance - Re former policy 47682944

Well what a fun day, called up Nat West this morning to see what was happening re the complaint and the net result was sod all.

After the usual half hour of listening to piped music I get through to an adviser who tells me that there are no notes on the system. Not a thing, nothing, zero and bugger all.

The e-mail that I recieved from Nat West informed me that I would be contacted within 7/12 days, well that has since passed and they appear to know nothing.

Also the b/s that I was informed at the time was also wrong and I need to write in to some complaints department. Who it has been deemed by Nat West are just so bloody important that they can not be contacted by e-mail, telephone and other modern means of communication.

So I must trust to Royal Mail and send a letter and hope that they choose to actually answer it.

Also I am not happy at one of the process monkeys cutting me off, leading to another half hour listening to music before being told in a corporate way to fuck the fuck off and talk to the complaints via snail mail.

A letter shall be sent off today and in the mean time I shall have to resort to complaining online about Nat West.

Oh the process monkey that I spoke to had all the care an compassion in her voice of the average SS guard, well fine they want a fight. Great now I am really pissed off with them.

Utter inept fuckwits, corporate box ticking wankers the fucking lot of them.

Some other folk are not impressed with this bank either:

I am not the only one who has posted on Shat West being, well crap to be quite honest:http://saiminu.blogspot.com/search/label/NatWest

Sadly that was not just a one off incident as this one shows:http://www.thestar.co.uk/action/Bank-is-ordered-to-improve.4906660.jp

Thanks to GOT, yes I know I nominated them: http://isacunt.blogspot.com/2009/08/nat-west.html

Not really a complaint this one, but worthy of a look as it mocks their advertising:http://www.blindedbybullshit.com/marketing/natwest-bank-adverts/

Want a resolution, well pick up the phone Nat West else by the time I have finished the entire land when they log on and Google your name will see how bad you are.

Here is a number for you to call: 07913952884 between 9-5.

Your move Shat West.

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