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Nat West Home Insurance - Utter cuntmonkeys re policy 47682944.

If you want ome insurance, then do not ever, under any circumstances go with Nat West.
Seriously even if the salesman in the bank has your bollocks in a vice, tell them to fuck the fuck off an get insured with someone; hell anyone else.

I was informed by some process monkey on the 27th August that I had to write to their complaints department. This was after being informed that they had no record of a previous complaint made on August 10th 2009; also I had not been informed previously that I had to write to them.

Oh they pointed out as well that even if they had a record of the complaint that they "lost", that there was nothing they can do anyway and I would have to write to them at Bristol.

Why not asks I? Because its the rules says them, even if we had a record you need to write to them in Bristol.

I was not told says me. After a pause I get a half arsed corporate excuse about procedures, not an apology mind you just some cockwaffle on what they advise customers; although in my case former customer a more accurate term.

So off go's the registered letter that same day and I made it damn clear that I wanted someone to call me back on either my landline, mobile or even ping across a mail. Any of which would have taken a self respecting baboon all of a minute to sort out.

Net result was and still is as of 6th September a grand total of fuck all. Before I mentioned on the 21st August that I had still not heard anything, despite an e-mail promising me that someone would be in touch. Despite their office in Bristol recieving the letter, not a peep from anyone at Nat West.

This sorry saga started on the 10th August. When I had hours of fun on assorted 0845 numbers being passed from one phone monkey to another. Indeed the only thing they managed was to actually cancel the policy; no notes and no one informed me that I would have to write to an office in sodding Bristol either.

All I have recieved from them is a computer generated letter advising that the policy was now closed "signed" by someone called Ian Rowsell Customer Services Manager.
They can not even be arsed to answer a letter sent recorded feckin' delivery. It did make me wonder if it had been a fire or something a lot more expensive than a washing machine; if Shit West would have weaseled out of the agreement? My fear is that they would have.

In a strange twist, the fuckers have me in a sort of limbo. Until I hear from them, not very likely I can not produce any letters to take to the small claims court in order to get the few hundred quid that I feel I am owed back off of them. Maybe this is company policy on their part?

So its mockery ahoy from me, the gloves are off and the incentive on my part is there as I am a few hundred quid down.

Some other folk are not impressed with this bank either:

I am not the only one who has posted on Shat West being, well crap to be quite honest:

Sadly that was not just a one off incident as this one shows: www.thestar.co.uk/action/Bank-is-ordered-to-improve.4906660.jp
Thanks to GOT, yes I know I nominated them:

Not really a complaint this one, but worthy of a look as it mocks their advertising:blindedbybullshit

Want a resolution, well pick up the phone Nat West else by the time I have finished the entire land when they log on and Google your name will see how bad you are.

Here is a number for you to call: 07913952884 between 9-5.

Your move Shat West.

PS train your staff to use the word sorry a bit more often, as well as taking more care over the tone and inflection used when talking to customers.

I shall add for free that I know about that having worked in customer services myself, hell make me a job offer as a mystery customer. I would bring your customer serives up to an acceptable standard in record time.

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