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Shat West, sorry Nat West annoy another customer.

Constantly Furious is a tad miffed with the cuntmonkeys that make up Nat West and finishes his post with these comment, which I happen to agree with. He says:
Nationalise the banks? Nah.
Set light to them, and machine-gun the fucking staff as they come running out.
All the money goes under the mattress from now on.
They really are an inept bunch of cocks, who in my view provide the absolute poorest service of any of the high street banks out there.

First I had the fun an games with their insurance that was very happy to take the premiums but when I wanted a pay out, I got the FSA compliant fuck you.

Thankfully I managed to scrape together enough cash to get a new washing machine and even contacting the complaints department in Bristol was a nightmare in of itself. No phone line, no e-mail in fact no modern means of communication; instead one has to write to them via snail mail. My comment about carrier pigeons was not appreciated either.

Even a complaint got me nowhere, when they finally got around to answering me; just a stock computer says no letter off of them.

Well having emptied my bank account, I slipped a few pennies into the red. Oh now I will point out that when I asked for an overdraft months before they said no. Despite having never gone over drawn with them and having had money going into that account for well over two years.

Thus followed the next fiasco of being told that a few coins into the red results in direct debits being returned unpaid, despite my being paid a few days later and charges being imposed by them. Yep, they put on over £60 quid in charges.

So after hours on the phone, endless hours talking to drones, being cut off, recalling, listening to awful classical hold music done on a Casio organ by the sound of it; finally I get someone who could see they had an annoyed customer.

So they agree one charge will be written off as a good will gesture, although they did point out they were not going to remove the other and it would be fiscally raped for the other charge at the end of the month.

Anyway having already attempted to resolve this in branch, spoken to some puppet there that was unable to do anything without looking at his screen and who avoided all eye contact, I was told that I would have to call their contact centre. No offer to do anything for me, not even the offer of his making a call on my behalf, nothing.

So I contact someone (again) in the contact centre and advise that if the charges are not removed I am closing the account down...Cue an argument from some drone that I can not close the account until the charge has been paid even though that is not due for another few weeks.

Eventually I decide that another trip to the "helpful bank" as they call themselves, I have seen little to no evidence of that as yet. I explain I am there to close my account and explain that its down to them being rather shit at banking.

I also had an e-mail conversation before closing my account with assorted folk Customer.relations@natwest.com here and did give them a few days to contact me back, oh and remove all charges. I pointed out that if by Friday I had heard nothing I was off. 

Naturally I heard sod all and so off to the bank I went.

I get my cash, or rather what is left of it after having had to get my own washing machine and advise that they can stick the other charge for 30+ notes in that place where the squirrel put its nuts.

Then having closed an re-set up my direct debits etc with a new bank, I forget all about them.

Then out of the blue my phone go's and some woman from customer care is all apologetic and even makes an attempt to get me to come back to them. Then fucked up by pointing out that had I not left, even more charges none of which I had been advised about my anyone up until that call would have been imposed.

Think about that one, please come back and had you not left it would have cost you £108 quid.

So the last thing I did was to contact the banking ombudsman as it costs the bank £500. Don't want a penny off of Nat West, not a bent copper coin.

They have had the chance to put things right, to apologise and hell even give me some of that mythical "helpful banking" that they talk so often about.

So I scored a pyrrhic victory, its cost me a few hundred for a new washing machine and a fortune in calls but a victory none the less. They charge me £108 okay, in real terms it worked to be nothing due to my fucking the fuck off before they could do so and I will end up costing them £500 notes.

Nat West utter cuntmonkeys. 

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Mind you, I am not the only one not amused by Nat West:

Sadly that was not just a one off incident as this one shows:www.thestar.co.uk/action/Bank-is-ordered-to-improve.4906660.jp
Thanks to GOT, yes I know I nominated them: isacunt.blogspot.com/2009/08/nat-west.html
Not really a complaint this one, but worthy of a look as it mocks their advertising:blindedbybullshit
Oh and Damon Lord has also been getting some rather shoddy service from Nat West.

4 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Well done you.

This is part of the Royal Bank Group, actually a HUGE part of it.

That's the Royal Bank Group that has just swallowed another £25,000,000,000 of our tax money this week and is now something like 85% owned by us.

I've said a few words on my own blog about that.

Congratulations for taking them on. I'd have nevr had the patience.

Ride Fast said...

I am getting a lot of links from your blog to everything I post. Don't know why but I don't think it is intentional.

Happy trails,


Anonymous said...

I don't suppose any of you nice people have ever had any dealings with Lloyds H.I.V.?

I used to bank with Natwest a long time ago but left due to their never ending anal rape.

Anyway I changed to Lloyds H.I.V in good faith thinking that anyone had to be better than TwatWest.

It seems not. Two months ago I accidentally went over drawn on my account by £10 only realising the day after, where I quickly remedied by transfering over the necessary fundage from my e-account which shows immediately. A few days later a direct debit came off and I happened to check my account that day. When I got home I did the same again, I transfered monies over so it wouldn't incur any costs.

Two months later I see a charge on my account for £51 fucking pounds. I phoned them explained the situation and their words to me were this: You went over you owe us the money. But whenI protested that I'd put money in almost immediately after realising I'd gone over, they said. It has to be done by 15h30 other wise you incur a charge.

So I explained I wanted my hard earned fucking cash back. No was the answer. I have to write, yes fucking write in this day and age to their complaints department.

Nice. My taxes get used to bail the fuckers out, they use that money for bonuses etc, but won't give me the benefit of the doubt. No fucking way are they getting away with my money.

Fidothedog said...

Anon, all I can advise is make a fuss, they hate that. Oh an stick in a complaint.

Refuse a settlement an take it to the banking ombudsman. Your bank will have the details, that will cost em £500 quid.

Plus all the branches are credit scored on the number of complaints, so every time you go in a branch complain, no free pens to fill in slips then complain.

More than 6/7 complaints an its goodbye to the bonus for the staff at that branch.