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Knife sales: Jacqui "I am a cunt" Smith MP fails.

And we have yet another Jacqui Smith failure....
Only one shopkeeper has been sent to prison for selling knives to children since Labour came to power.

Ministers have repeatedly promised tough action on knife crime and recently increased the minimum age for buying a knife from 16 to 18.

But Ministry of Justice statistics show punishments of up to six months behind bars or a £5,000 fine for those that sell them to underage youths are not being used. The only case since 1997 where a retailer was imprisoned was in that year.

Since then no one has faced either a jail sentence or the maximum fine.

Tories called the figures ' shocking' and called for shopkeepers who abuse the law to face greater penalties for fuelling Britain's knife crime epidemic.

In 2007, a total of 32 shop staff were convicted for selling knives to children. However, the toughest fine was only £2,000.

Tory crime reduction spokesman James Brokenshire said: 'Laws are only as good as the enforcement that underpins them. On the basis of these figures the Government simply isn't following through on its promises to get knives off our streets.'

Jacqui Smith needs to be sacked now.

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