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Jacqui Smith is a cunt

Even the police are turning on her....THE Government has created a “Hokey Cokey” criminal justice system which fails to tackle career criminals, police told Home Secretary Jacqui Smith yesterday.
Officers are “sick to death” of seeing the same offenders again and again, said Paul McKeever, chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, which represents rank and file officers.
“It’s in out, in out, let all the prisoners out. In out, in out, shake the system about,” he told the Federation’s annual conference in Bournemouth.
In a humiliating attack with and Ms Smith looking on, Mr McKeever branded as a “big lie” the belief that constant restructuring of the police would solve crime more effectively.
“We and the people we serve are being failed by the rest of the criminal justice system, a system that isn’t working and is seen by many people as being there to protect offenders’ interests above the interests of law-abiding members of the public,” he said.
(not sure where this pic came from, if its your let me know)
“Rather than addressing the real problem of ineffective sanctions, ineffective education ­programmes and ineffective rehabilitation, the focus is on us, the police, to detect the same people more often and bring them before the courts again and again.”
Mr McKeever also said “life should mean life” in jail for people who killed police.
“It is a deeply uncivilised society that puts the rights of murderers above those brave men and women we represent who, day in, day out, are defending their communities,” he said.

Jackboot is not having a good time of late.
Best comment was this one when Jackboot was pulled up by the police who stated that MPs expenses claims would shame a dictator. Steve Morley, of the Metropolitan Police, questioned why police allowances, from dry cleaning to extra cash for working on rest days, had been dropped.

He said: “Can you explain for the benefit of my members, your electorate, why all our expenses and allowances have been taken away?” Mr Morley added that some claims by MPs would be “jaw-dropping in a Third-World dictatorship let alone in the country of hope and glory”.


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Anonymous said...


Screech said...

She may be a cunt and she may NOT be having a good time of late, but the fact remains that this useless piece of skank is unfortunately, for some unexplained reason, still the fucking Home Secretary, beat that? Any fucker with any scrap of decency would have held their hands up by now and the least they could have done would be to resign. What the fuck is this woman hanging on for? Is she really in fact still Home Secretary? I don't know. Does any fucker know who any fucker is any more in this fucked up system?

Fidothedog said...

Screech, why does she hang on, simples, because she is a cunt.

Sue said...

She's certainly hanging on in there. Her, Gordon, the whole bloody lot of them just won't give it up!

That anti conservative video is just a scream!

Anonymous said...

She needs to be removed. The lot of them need to be removed. We need to all march down to parliament wearing v masks and fucking scare the living shit out of them.

We have the power to remove them if they are too shameless to do it.

She is the biggest cunt I've ever seen.

Old Bag said...

oh did you see jackboots squirm during that police bunfight? she really cacked it!
time to hang up your nazi uniform, jackboots, you utter weapons grade cunt.

John A Thomson said...

Jacqui and the rest of the Nu Layburden crowd realise a "Portillo" moment is coming to many of them soon enough. They might as well milk the last drop from the dead cow!

The Home Secretary must hate the police... she gets ambushed nearly every year now. Hee hee :-).