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Jacqui Smith - I'm a disgrace.

Well its taken a damn long time but Jacqui Smith has admitted that she is a disgrace and doesn't deserve a peerage.

Nice to see that she has finally awoken to what the public really thinks, so here is some more advice for Jacqui Smith that she might want to take on board.

She is also rather thick, has a fat arse and is ugly.

Previously send her some shit, Frankie Boyle on Jacqui SmithJackboot to be be suedThis comes just a short while after Anthony Weaver dropped his case due to lack of funds.

I said that she was in need of a boot in the chuff. Some previous on Jackboot, who has also been accused of looking the other way with regards torture of UK nationals.
A Mr Weaver was also seeking to take this evil woman to court for her crimes. All the while Jackboot keeps on lurching from crisis to crisis, getting ever more authoritarian and planning a stasi police force for the UK.
And she has one fan at least: A woman in love with Jacqui Smith. Yet more DNA nonsense. Also on the kebab munching hoon, roll up for your kebab cards.
Ah, go on here are some more on this bovine faced, slack jawed, sagging uddered, inbred, dim witted authoritarian dickhead: another day another Jackboot... ID cards on high street, Jackboot backs cyclops, Smith humiliated by Europe. Taxi for Jacqui! an Jacqui the minister for being a cunt an here and here plus also working on the marriage anmocked in the USA an jacqui smith is a cunt as well as jacqui smith is a cunt and J Smith is a cunt also Jacqui Smith pays cleaner peanuts, Damian Greenhere be dragons,bathplug petition and go on give jacqui smith a kick in the cunt, Jacqui's the 2nd-biggist-cunt-in-world.
Oh and clear your throats and shout Jacqui Smith is a cunt,  plus: Wankergate video her bovine bleating about being picking on cos she is a womanB&Q money off for crime victimsWankergate Jacqui ripps off the public. And morewankergate posts! Wankergate posts and is this Jacqui Smith's cat?
Plus the search for wankergate mole begins, some wankergate mockery, a word of advice on onanism yet more wankergate, and jacqui smith videos and wankergate post 2 and we pay for husband of Home Sec to have a tug.
Just wait till she tries to defend her actions on the streets of Redditch, the voters won't like her classifying a spare room in her sister's house as her abode, thus claiming thousands to do up her other home. Then we have her paying her masturbating husband £40 grand a year in order to write anonymous supportive letters to the local press. Oh and claiming some wank films on expenses.

6 people have spoken:

Sue said...

I really should update the "I hate Jacqui Smith" blog to chronicle the end!

Fidothedog said...

A good idea, but its not over till the fat lady sings an Jackboot has not sung her last song yet.

It won't be over till she is dead, an even then I think she will be flipping her coffin. An I would want to see the stake through her heart to check she was really dead.

Anonymous said...

Watch and read mohammed T-shirt art from Sweden at,

Anonymous said...

Bet she's a Baroness this time next year and troughing big time in the House of the Old Farts....

banned said...

Once I might have wished for Fat Jaqu to have been hounded from Office but now I will be quite satisfied to see her on election night humbled into 6th place behind the English Ratepayers Alliance when it will be obvious that even her wanker husbandperson did not vote for her.

Fidothedog said...

Banned, as much as I would love her to lose her deposit I think that some daft bastards will still vote for her.

Talking of deposits if "Tugger" had given her a deposit a bit more often he would not need so many wank films.