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The Rt. Hon. Jacqui Smith MP, is a thieving duplicitous cunt.

There there you go, rob the public, fiddle your expenses and the law will only hit you if you are not an MP. All you need to do is say sorry and you escape with all your stolen goods intact.

Jacqui Smith has escaped with a slap on the wrist after the Commons sleaze watchdog decided she did break the rules by designating her sister's house as her main home.

The set-up meant the former Home Secretary was able to claim £116,000 in 'second home' expenses on her family house in Redditch where her husband and children live.

After a nine-month probe, the Commons Standards and Privileges Committee said today that she had 'clearly' breached the regulations and ordered Miss Smith to apologise to the House of Commons.

A probe was launched in February after it emerged she classed her sister's house in London as her main home and her family house in Redditch her 'second' home.

This meant she was able to bank up to £24,000-a-year in taxpayers' money to run the family property. In total, she claimed more than £116,000 towards running the house.

Under Commons rules, MPs' 'main' home must be the place where they spend the most time but Miss Smith's neighbours in London said she was rarely there.

So should you ever be landed with a fine, or if you should ever find yourself hauled up before the justice for theft or fraud why not use the Jacqui Smith excuse; I am sure that the fine men and women in robes will let you off with not even a fine if you promise not to do it again...

And so I shall say that one Jacqui Smith is nothing more than a common thief, a disgrace to her office, an inept, bloated, kebab munching, bovine faced, slack jawed, lying, police escorted, fuckwit that needs a swift firm kick to the chuff.

Kick jacqui smith in the cunt
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Frankie Boyle on Jacqui SmithJackboot to be be suedThis comes just a short while after Anthony Weaver dropped his case due to lack of funds.

I said that she was in need of a boot in the chuff. Some previous on Jackboot, who has also been accused of looking the other way with regards torture of UK nationals.
A Mr Weaver was also seeking to take this evil woman to court for her crimes. All the while Jackboot keeps on lurching from crisis to crisis, getting ever more authoritarian and planning a stasi police force for the UK.
And she has one fan at least: A woman in love with Jacqui Smith. Yet more DNA nonsense. Also on the kebab munching hoon, roll up for your kebab cards.

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Dr. Dave said...

Great stuff, Paul. I've actually missed the days when you and G.O.T. et al were hammering this cunt every single day.